Five solid beauty tips we got from Beautiology 101, a new K-Drama

Ever heard of a school where you’re considered absent if you don’t wear makeup? Welcome to K-Beauty School! It's a world-famous university that specializes in all things related to skincare and makeup. The students here learn about the art, science and technology, history, and even marketing of beauty! Well, at least that’s what the drama said.

The PV team recently discovered a new web drama called Beautiology 101 by OnStyle, the same channel which gave us Pony’s Beauty Diary. It is about Bongju Lee, played by Ji-eun Han, a 20-year old skincare enthusiast who works as a facialist. 

Our heroine also sells skincare formulations of her own making on the side. For Bongju, skincare is more important than makeup as wearing thick makeup may cause signs of early aging! In the hopes of getting more clients and improving her business, she enrolls at the K-Beauty School. The K-drama follows her journey into the rabbit hole that is the makeup world.

The drama is sponsored by giant cosmetics brand Innisfree and prominently features their various skin care and makeup products. It's really entertaining to watch, and as beauty addicts, we love that it includes makeup tricks and tips. Here are some of our picks from episode 1!

Beautiology Tip #1: Mix a facial oil with foundation for added moisture and glow

While doing makeup for a client, she notices that the older lady has dry skin. So she mixes some beauty oil into the foundation before applying it. This creates a moisturizing face base that gives a fresh, youthful glow!

Beautiology Tip #2: Substitute art brushes for makeup brushes

Although not all art brushes may be used to substitute for makeup brushes, you can usually go for brushes with similar shapes. A large watercolor brush looks and acts just like a liquid foundation brush, as the class heartthrob Namgung demonstrates. You can also use fan brushes for dispersing powders, or a small flat brush for applying eyeshadow. 

Animal hair bristles are great for picking up powdery pigments, while synthetic hair works best with creams and liquids. Just make sure to choose bristles that are soft and won't irritate your skin!

Beautiology Tip #3: Know your skin's undertone to get the best lip color

If you've ever wondered why a lipstick doesn't look quite right on you, chances are you're wearing a shade with the wrong undertone. We've talked about how important knowing your undertone is to finding your perfect foundation match, but this applies to color makeup as well.

While there are no rules on which lipstick shades you can and can't wear, if you want to get the best look for you, match your lip shade to your undertone. Blue-toned, cool lippies look best against skin with pink undertones, while warm-toned shades are flattering on yellow skin tones.

Beautiology Tip #4: Slather moisturizer + cover with cling wrap + exfoliate with toothbrush to treat chapped lips

Similar to how a lip mask pack would work, covering the moisturizer with a cling wrap allows it to be better absorbed by your lips. Leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes, remove the wrap, then gently brush away the dead skin cells for soft kissable lips!

Beautiology Tip #5: Facial massages help your skin maintain that youthful glow

Skin care is key to having great skin, but apart from using the right products, you also need to apply them properly. Doing a facial massage as you put on moisturizer and other care products not only feels likes a great skin treat, it also helps the product to be better absorbed by the skin so you get its full benefits. You can even do this massage as you wash your face!

There are currently only two Beautiology episodes uploaded but we're already hooked and excited for the next one! Have you watched it yet? What are your favorite beauty tips so far?

PS You can also watch Sweet 20s, which is also sponsored by Innisfree. It's a simple story about a young girl who is about to enter the adult world. Will she find a job? Will she stay with her boyfriend? Doesn't matter. The makeup tips in there are solid.