Monday Musings: Weigh in on the new layout!

If you've visited Project Vanity in the past week, you've probably already seen the new look. It's a magazine-style layout with big titles and emphasis on photos, something that we think works for the direction that Project Vanity has been taking since the start of the year.

It is no longer a blog, but it isn't a magazine either - it's a beauty portal where beauty addicts and brands come together to learn and share the latest in the industry.

Many have commented here and in person telling us that they love the new design. We love it too, because of the infinite scrolling in the main page and sideways scrolling for the next/previous articles. It's easier to see all articles in one long scroll. We particularly love how the articles can be laid out - big photos with smaller text boxes in the middle. We are now also able to feature the writers' profiles and related posts in the bottom.

Important: this loads faster on mobile, according to feedback.

However, we have also received messages from readers saying that they don't like the new layout. The titles are in white, and so can not be read properly if the photo in the background is busy or too light. They can also seem too blocky especially when viewed on mobile. I've also received complaints that the blog automatically shows the previews/next article when the backspace/delete, back/forward arrows are pressed while commenting, which is understandably annoying.

I understand that the above can be frustrating, but we are definitely changing the way we choose our thumbnail or header image so that it is easier to view the titles. Expect less busy pictures moving forward! As for the backspace/arrow issue, at least in Chrome, that won't happen if you're pressing the buttons while there's a cursor inside the comment box.

Do you love Project Vanity's new design?

It's not possible to please everybody, however, we are always ready to improve wherever possible. ^_^ We would love to hear your feedback so that we can gauge the usability of this new design even more. Please let us know what you love or don't love about it, and please also vote in the poll! Thank you so much!