The beauty products Koreans are crazy about

Korean products are taking the world by storm! Both their makeup and skincare offerings have been making their way across the shores to places like the US and Europe because of their amazing quality and cheap price tags. I'm personally a big fan myself, and I'm thrilled that these much-raved about beauty products are now available in our country!


Cushion creams

Cushion makeup is probably the second-best Korean innovation after their development of BB creams. It features a porous surface that is wet with product, which can then be applied with a sponge. In fact, they were originally created to make BB creams easier and more convenient to apply. The technology has since involved to include cushion blushers and even eyeliners! A fun option for first-timers would be Too Cool For School’s Dinoplatz UFO Multibox, which features a cushion BB cream plus a pore balm, a concealer, and a lip and cheek tint!

Laniege's BB Cushion Cream is also a fan fave due to the high SPF, ultra-light texture, and good coverage.



Honey-infused Skincare

Did you know that honey doesn’t spoil? Ever? It's currently a big skincare trend in Korea because of its amazing antibacterial, skin-nourishing, antioxidant-rich and clarifying properties! It soothes and moisturizes the skin, giving it a healthy glow. Consider trying Etude House’s Honey Cera Skincare line, which is suitable for the colder months and for those who have dry skin.

Glossy Makeup

The much-coveted “Korean Glow” can be achieved by using dewy foundation and tons of highlighter. Facial mist and NOT using a powder to set your makeup are also some tricks I learned over the years. Check out TonyMoly’s BCDation All Master Air Light Base, which provides high coverage with a dewy finish. Definitely a must for our humid climate!


Cleansing Balms

Cleansing balms are the new cleansing oils. It’s basically the same thing except they are in solid form packed in a jar, which make them more convenient and easier to use. BanilaCo’s Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm recently arrived in the Philippines, and it's rapidly gaining a reputation as THE best cleansing balm in the market.


Gel Nail Polish

If you love manis and want them last beyond Day 7, this is the product for you. The biggest advantage of gel nails is its longevity. Etude House’s Enamelting Gel Nail boasts of high shine and clear color! The brand also sells a Gel LED Lamp to help cure the gel polish better.

The Philippines seems to be pretty quick to catch on the hottest Korean trends, and it's just awesome that these best-sellers have become more easily accessible. Which of these products have you tried or are planning to try next? Know of any more K-beauty picks that we should watch out for?