New shades of the K-Palette Lasting 2-Way Eyebrow Pens

This is going to be quick as I've talked about the K-Palette Lasting 2-Way Eyebrow (P950) more times than I can count in the past two years. It still remains as one of my favorite eyebrow products! I've tried dozens of great stuff for my brows, but this K-Palette best-seller is one of the very few that I use consistently. It's still the only one that can make even my worst eyebrow days look as good as the days when I have just had them threaded. ^_^ Nothing can beat the precision I get with this pen!

Now, K-Palette recently came out with three revamped shades for their eyebrow duos. These are friendlier to Filipinas as two of the shades have been tweaked to match darker hair. I didn't observe any change in the formula, which means that I still enjoy the long-lasting, buildable yet natural pigmentation that I've come to love in these.

This pen comes with a fine-point brush tip on one end, which you can use to draw hair-like lines to cover up gaps or uneven corners in your eyebrows. You can then set it all with the powdered sponge tip to take away any shine, thus making your brow work look naturally lush.

Do read my tutorial on how to use it! This pen can look a bit daunting at first but promise, it's really easy to master. 

So which shade is for you? It depends on the hair color that you're sporting at the moment. If you're blonde, or have very light hair, Light Brown is ideal. Natural Brown is for brunettes with a reddish tint to their hair; it's very warm and soft which I think should suit most Filipinas. It's what I use! Grayish Brown is for those with dark, almost black hair with ashy undertones. I can use it but even when my hair wasn't dyed, it still looked a bit harsh. I needed to tone it down with a tinted brow mascara.

And that's it. ^_^ Do try the K-Palette Lasting 2-Way Eyebrow Pen, it won't disappoint! At least, it hasn't let me down so far. One pen lasts me about 6-7 months if I use it everyday but typically I keep one pen for a year since I test a lot of other products in between. Either way, it's fairly reasonable at P950 a pop in Beauty Bar.

Hope this helps! Lemme know if you've got questions!