Tutorial: The Fawn Halloween #FOTD

I enjoy seeing what other people do to their faces every year for Halloween, but I've never really done it for myself. But hey, there's always a first time! I thought I'd try it and it was sooo much fun. Now if you've suddenly just decided to go in costume for a party today or tomorrow, this is a pretty easy fawn look to follow with basic products you should already have. It's inspired by (and not exactly the same as) the Snapchat filter makeup used at a Desigual fashion show. I find it the right mix of cute and sexy for Halloween.

As for the products, you can use whatever you have on hand. I went for some of my new products from Althea Korea! Here's how I did the look.

After doing my base and eyebrows, I applied the W-Lab 3D Face Shading Stick (P600) as a normal contour and as the base color for my forehead and nose. Then I added some peach from the W-Lab Flower and Lip Cheek Kit (P730)  to the contour to sort of warm it up more.  I blended everything together with the It's My Carve Foundation Brush (P180). Later on, after the brownish red area has dried, I patted an orange red from the W-Lab palette to intensify the color.

I used the RiRe Luxe Gel Eyeliner in Kill Black (P160) to line my eyes the normal way, then applied a thick line juuuust at the crease. I drew it so that it looks like lashes! I also used the same eyeliner to make the tip of my nose black as a fawn's. I intended to use RiRe's eyeliner in Pearl White for the white accents on my forehead, but it was sheer so I just sorta used it as a nose highlight before using a separate white crayon/paint (NYX Milk) to do the white areas.

As for the lips, I blended peach and red from the W-Lab palette to get peachy cute lips. I just used my fingers since I didn't want it to be too precise or pigmented. I was planning to add the Abbamart Eyelash Master (P140) on my lashes to complete the look, but since I'm not going anywhere, I decided to save it for another FOTD. Sayang kasi! If you're going to a party with this fawn face though, I highly recommend finishing it off with falsies.

And that's it! I told you you can do a Halloween look with just normal makeup. ;) Hope you enjoyed this mini tutorial, and let me know what your mug will be as you go trick or treatin'! (Later I am coming as Chihiro of Spirited Away naman hehe). Have a great Sunday!

This story is brought to you by Althea Korea.