They Did What?! 11 Women On Their Most Embarrassing Beauty Faux Pas

I’m sure we’ve all had our fair share of makeup mishaps and beauty boo-boos. I’ve been guilty of sporting Betty La Fea brows one too many times while I was still learning how to properly fill them in! We’re pretty lucky that the internet has made so many beauty resources like blogs and vlogs so accessible but often, making mistakes are still part of the learning process.

We asked eleven women about their most memorable beauty boo-boos and the lessons they learned from these mistakes. It was interesting to get so many different answers: some were one-offs while others were repeat offenders! This post is free from incriminating photos though; admitting to one’s beauty sins is bad enough, so we’re keeping any photographic evidence safely hidden!

Shayne Naidas, blogger

When I was a teen, I owned this rosy pink Johnson and Johnson "face powder" that was actually more like a blush. I was so excited that I used it all over my face, and it made me look like a giant strawberry! I wore it proudly though because I felt so grown up and lady-like to be wearing makeup.

Lesley Espiritu-Villanueva, architect

I once had my makeup done in the parlor for a wedding I was attending. The makeup artist used a foundation that was about two shades lighter than my natural skin color but I didn't realize it until the pictures came out. The flash from the camera made the skin tone difference very evident! I looked like a floating face, especially because my natural skin color is dark and I was wearing an off-shoulder gown that bared a lot of skin. That was the last time I ever went to the parlor to get my makeup done.

Kathy Kenny Ngo, editor-in-chief of Psst PH

When I was new to makeup, I would pair dark eyeshadows with dark lippies. I looked like a zombie! Later on I learned that strong eye makeup looks work best with neutral or soft lip colors, and vice versa. Attempting to do both at the same time is apparently not a great idea!

Mara Ruiz, social marketing manager

My biggest beauty faux pas is wearing all my makeup in one look: blue eyeshadow, red lips, pink blush - the works! But it didn't end there. I wore it to a meeting with my boss who seemed embarrassed to even look at me that time. I guess I would, too, if I was talking to someone who looked like she put her makeup in the dark.

Ae Geli-Pastrana, architect and blogger

Though I LOVE makeup, I can count with one hand the number of times I've worn false lashes. On my wedding day, I discovered a strip of falsies hanging from my cheek! Good thing this was during the reception already when everybody was drunk. I was having so much fun during the party that I didn’t immediately notice that it had fallen off!

Kaycee Enerva, blogger

I was attending an event and didn't realize that one of my colored contacts had fallen off, so my eyes were in two different colors the entire time. I only found out about when I had gotten home but maybe people thought I was making pauso, which is why no one told me!

Parce Quinay, architect

I'm a lippie-holic and especially love mattes. Whenever I see new colors that I think would suit me, I'd buy it right away. During a phase when I was into red lipsticks, I wore a scarlet matte lipstick to the office without applying lip balm first. It was my first time to wear it and didn't know how it would react to or stay on my lips the whole day. I had to go out for an offsite meeting and it was a very hot day. My lips dried and cracked on my way to the venue!

During the meeting, I had to (subtly) lick my lips countless times in an effort to prevent it from totally drying out. It only worsened the situation though and my lips started to peel. It was so embarrassing! I had to ask for water from the client just so I could cool my lips down. From then on, I make sure to always use lip balm whenever I have to try out new lipsticks, and even do a "dry run" the night before prior to using it in public the next day.

Joy Mendiola, freelance events consultant, host and blogger

Sometime in 2010, I used a cake foundation for the very first time. I wasn’t able to blend the color from the forehead to the cheeks though, and I had to attend three events that day. It was only on the way home when my assistant told me that my forehead looked super light. Aaah!

Kira Ramirez, social media strategist, financial adviser and blogger

I used to leave the house with no eyebrows! That was back in the day when I didn't know how to do mine and had never bothered to learn, not until my friend Alex told me I should start defining my arches. Without any product, my brows are very sparse and light. Now, the only time I don't do my brows is when I’m at the beach.

Rhea Magtibay-Hipolito, business analyst

Overdrawn brows – this is one make up faux pas that I was guilty of. I used to heavily shade my brows from tip to tip, and it looked so unnatural. Thankfully there are now so many tutorials available online on how to do the perfect eyebrows, so no one should fall prey to overdone brows ever again.

Maria Franco, blogger

I once lost my eyebrow tweezer and decided to use a regular-sized razor to clean up the area. Unfortunately, my hand seemed to have a mind of its own and I ended up shaving almost half of my eyebrows off! Good thing you can always cheat with a good eyebrow pomade.

Have you ever experienced foundation woes or brow boo boos? What’s the worst beauty blunder you’ve ever had? Do spill!