Tutorial: How to create strong yet flattering eyebrows

Why would anyone want to have strong, maybe even bushy-looking eyebrows? I think that would be your first question! In my opinion, full eyebrows look good on anyone at any age. It's not a handicap or just a trend, it really is flattering to have well-defined brows. Full eyebrows can make one look younger and the face, slightly smaller. They can even make your eyes look more expressive and alive!

It's not difficult to do, too. All you need is a dark eyebrow pencil that matches your hair and a spoolie or brush to blend the color in properly. You can opt to use a gel or pen brow filler but it's less hassle to do it with a pencil if you ask me. ;)

The best pencil for this purpose is the Shiseido Natural Eyebrow Pencil in Deep Brown BR602. It's a shade that's perfect for us dark-haired girls, since it's not terribly pigmented while providing the right amount of coverage. It comes with a natural hair brush on the other end, as well! It's what I'm using for this tutorial. 

Let's get cracking!

Step 1: Clean up your eyebrows. I highly recommend going to a brow salon if you're attempting this for the first time, but if you don't have the time nor the budget, you can at least do some basic cleaning. Just remove any stray hair on top and underneath your eyebrows using a tweezer. Don't touch your actual eyebrows to be safe.

It's important to groom your brows so you can get the best possible shape. It will also look less shadowy in that area, which will then lift your eyes.

Yup, I'm overdue for a clean-up myself but please bear with me! I removed some hair already here but I missed a few since I'm in a rush.

Step 2: Outline your eyebrows using the pencil. Since I'm trying to create full brows, I went slightly outside my natural line. I also went in closer to the middle of my face since my hair is sparse - but present - in that area. 

How do you know what your ideal eyebrow shape is? I made a tutorial here! For strong eyebrows, just go a bit beyond the actual shape of your brows. Line with control and practice first before going out. ;)

Step 3: Fill in any gaps and uneveness. This is fairy straightforward. Use a heavy hand if you want even stronger eyebrows.

Step 4: Blend! Blur out any obvious line using your spoolie or brush. You'll get more natural results this way. 

Step 5: Calibrate. Go on ahead and do the other eyebrow using the aforementioned techniques. If your eyebrows are uneven, this is your opportunity to sort them out. Don't make them look too aligned though - our eyebrows are naturally asymmetrical and to go against that will look too artificial.

Done and done! You can finish this off with a clear mascara to get glossy, thick, Cara Delavingne-worthy brows, but I like mine matte and soft so I didn't use extra product.

Strong eyebrows can swing with a loud lip like what I'm wearing above, or a nude/MLBB shade ala-Audrey Hepburn. It all depends on you! ;) Although I would recommend that you keep your eyes simple so that it won't compete too much with the full brows. 

Hope you find this helpful!