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Tutorial: How to depot eyeshadows to create your own custom palette

These days, I’ve ditched wearing foundations in favor being able to do some eye makeup. I used to be obsessive about creating a perfect face base but my eyeshadow envy has finally gotten the better of me, which I think is a good change. It has given me the chance to finally play with the few palettes I have in my collection, and it’s been so much fun combining colors and doing different looks.

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Eyeliner Week: The Double Line

Occupying my mind right now, other than work, is Yolanda and Napoles. But there is a time and place for everything. I just don't feel like talking about heavy current events here because this blog is where I go to indulge the makeup lover in me. Perhaps it is the same for you. So let's keep it a happy fluffy place!

Soooo. If you watch YouTube makeup tutorials I'm sure you notice many gurus double-lining their eyes with a liquid liner than a pencil eyeliner in a similar color. I must admit that this has baffled me for years, I mean, why on earth would one do something like that, twice? I thought it was pointless.

As I discovered recently, however, it's not. Layering eyeliners with different formulas gives my lash line the darkest, most opaque effect I've ever seen!

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Reader questions: Wedding makeup, liquid lip color, pores, foundie dilemma

Hi guys! How was your loooong (still not done) weekend? I'm out of town, and we plan to hit Baguio tomorrow. Right now though we're just chilling - literally - in a hotel here in Pangasinan. It's too hot outside! 

While I have some lazy time, I thought I'd answer some reader questions over at the Ask Liz! Forum. I regularly answer all questions there if I know how, of course. Hehe. However, I found this set of questions particularly interesting so I thought I would dedicate a whole post on them. Here goes!

Hi, I'm getting married next year, and being a girl who depends on makeup to feel pretty and much more confident, I'm being obsessed looking for HMUAs for my special day. The problem is, aside from extremely high prices plus out-of town charge, I'm scared that they might not get what look am I going for, and I might become a bridezilla.

I am considering to do my own makeup for my wedding. I'd rather splurge on foundation + lipstick + blush and do it myself. Should I or shouldn't I? - Bridezilla

I think you should DIY! That is, if you're confident about your makeup skills and/or open to taking some makeup classes. Bridal makeup is fairly easy if you ask me. It's your basic natural look with waterproof or almost waterproof makeup. You can watch tons of YouTube videos for tips and techniques!

Even the Duchess of Cambridge is a DIY wedding makeup kind of girl

I think that it's a better investment to spend your P10,000-15,000 on good makeup or makeup classes because at least you're upgrading your skills and collection, things that you can use again. You can only use a MUA's service only during that event.

Here are some products I would actually use on my own wedding:

Cinema Secrets Foundation Palette #2 is a photogenic foundation/concealer duo, but personally it can look thick if you don't apply it properly.

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