How To Wear Red Lips

Red is the default color this holiday season! I’m sure that you have a lot of parties to go to before the year ends. What better look is there to wear than red lips? It’s simple but attention-grabbing and goes well with most outfits. However, I’m sure that you’re worried about looking clownish and overwhelming, so here’s a tip - the best way to red flaming red lips is with confidence. 

Here are two wearable looks that I did with red lips. One is with a blue-based red (the default red for all skin tones) while the other is orange-y red (for warmer Asian tones). 


If you’re doing red lips, make sure that everything else on your face is clean and almost bare. I didn’t wear eyeshadow here - I just applied the pencil eyeliner on the top lid and smudged it with a brush. Likewise, the blush I used is barely there and just adds a bit of glow and warmth on my cheeks. The focus should rest on the lips since it already packs a lot of punch on its own.


What I used: Shiseido Tinted Moisture in Medium, Shiseido Concealer Stick 02, Ellana Caramel Latte, Ellana Espresso Con Panna, In2It brow powder, Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Zero, Shu Uemura Glow-on in Amber, Chapstick, Dollface 32-color lip palette 


If you want something more polished, use eyeshadow to add depth to your eyes. Sweep a subtle champagne shade all over my lid and then pat on brown eyeshadow near the lashes. Line your eyes thinly and precisely on both the upper and lower lid, winging it at the end. Don’t forget the mascara of course! (As usual, I did. Nuninuninu.) I used an orange red in this look and I love the effect! It complements my yellowish skin tone well don’t you think?

 The eyeshadows and liner I used here are from Smashbox

Last words: to make red lips last longer, apply lip balm, then sweep on the first coat. Blot it with tissue, then apply the lipstick again. Seal it with lip gloss, if you prefer.