Svelte Wellness Center

Have you guys seen the newly-opened Svelte Wellness Center in Eastwood? I missed the media event, but May from Mega Mazine kindly sent me the press kit. I have yet to try them but I am wildly curious about Svelte’s cosmeceuticals (a portmanteau of “cosmetics” and “pharmaceuticals”) as well as their skin and body treatments. Did you know that Sevelte sells concealers for surgical scars? That must be one tough concealer!

Svelte specializes in selling beauty products for sensitive skin and surgically damaged skin, facials, and body treatments (non-invasive lipo, cellulite reduction, microdermabrasion). Here’s a short intro of some of the products Svelte sent me:

Seba Med Liquid Face and Body Wash 100% soap and alkali free, gentle deep cleansing of pores, with natural moisturizers

SkinMedica Ultra Sheer Moisturizer and TNS Illuminating Eye Cream I used the eye cream for two consecutive nights. I love how it really moisturizes my under eyes since it’s quite heavy.

Heliocare Gel SPF 50 For mixed/oily skin, post-peeling/post-laser photoprotection, melasma and vitiligo, treatment with oral and/or topical retinoids, treatment with photosensitive or immunosuppressive drugs.

Avene Cleanance Anti-shine purifying toner


If you’ve got sensitive skin that needs special care and protection, Svelte should be worth a visit. Its difference from other beauty centers is that its treatments and products are friendly to people who have undergone an operation and/or are taking certain medication.