Eyelining tips for hooded lids

Do you have hooded eyelids? One type of hooded lids feature a fold of skin going over the crease, while the other type has the lash skin folding over the strands of hair. It can be a bit frustrating to use eyeliner on such an area! Doing it wrong shows an unattractive sliver of skin right underneath your eyeliner; your eyes end up looking half done, yikes. 

After many years of trying different eyeliners and techniques, here are some of my tips!

Use a primer. Primer will help your eye makeup stay put, even as it keeps rubbing on that extra fold of skin. Don't be afraid to go close on the inner and outer corners of the eyes.

Draw a thick line so that it will - for realsies - show up. Since the skin folds over, a thin line right by the root of the lashes won't look visible when your eyes are open. Draw way above how you see normal people do it! Experiment with different thicknesses so that you find what works for your eye shape.

I draw my line thin on the inside and thick on the outside, flicking up. I like putting in an outline first, which I then fill in with product. It looks effortless in the video but it took years of practice! Liquid eyeliner is the best for the job since it has almost zero drag versus pencil or even gel.

Apply the product right into the roots of your eye lashes. It can be uncomfortable but if you can tightline, do that too. Again you don't want a sliver of flesh showing at the base of your line because that screams amateur (sorry!). Go over several times if you need to. You can even layer powder or pencil liner on top if you want your line to be extra dark and matte.

I'm using a Brown Black liner from K-Palette so it's not as stark. I wanted a soft-looking line for this FOTD. ^_^

Look down while applying eyeliner. Looking down will keep you from blinking and throwing off your perfect flick, plus it allows you to see the skin underneath clearly.

So there you go! Hope you enjoyed the quick video and the advice. Would love to know what your hooded lining juju involves, too! What products do you use?