Eyeliner Week: The Double Line

Occupying my mind right now, other than work, is Yolanda and Napoles. But there is a time and place for everything. I just don't feel like talking about heavy current events here because this blog is where I go to indulge the makeup lover in me. Perhaps it is the same for you. So let's keep it a happy fluffy place!

Soooo. If you watch YouTube makeup tutorials I'm sure you notice many gurus double-lining their eyes with a liquid liner than a pencil eyeliner in a similar color. I must admit that this has baffled me for years, I mean, why on earth would one do something like that, twice? I thought it was pointless.

As I discovered recently, however, it's not. Layering eyeliners with different formulas gives my lash line the darkest, most opaque effect I've ever seen! It's not a look I want for myself all the time, but if you want more drama and definition around your eyes (say if you're doing a vintage cat eye look), layering is the way to go. 

The liquid liner serves as the sort of "guide" to the shape of the line you want to achieve while the pencil liner intensifies the line. Now it all makes sense to me! Check out the difference:

Just the brown liquid eyeliner (K-Palette!). It's natural and dainty to look at, for when you just want a bit of definition.

And here's the same eyeliner topped with a creamy pencil liner (Essence in Hot Chocolate - it's only P150 in Watsons!). Look how the line is much more intense!

The technique above is great if you have hooded lids that tend to downplay your liner. :) I know it's extra work, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do! Haha. Hope this tip helps!

Stay safe, y'all. Best to cancel appointments for now, since we don't know exactly what to expect here in Manila at least. Have a great dry weekend!