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Why Olay’s Magnemask Infusion is the new face mask to add to your skincare routine

With so many face masks in the market, it’s become daunting to find the best face mask for me. There are just so many options, at different price points, with Western brands catching up on the trend started by Asian brands. I think it’s a welcome development, as we benefit from different beauty philosophies and gain access to a wider array of formulations. I recently had a good experience with Olay’s Power Duo, so I was eager to see what their just-released Magnemasks Infusion face mask sheets could do for my skin.

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Japanese brand Lululun has new sheet masks - here's what we think!

One of this year’s biggest beauty trends is the approach to skincare as a form of self-care. Following a morning and night routine has become a necessity not just for the physical improvements but for the perceived mental and emotional benefits as well. With so many skincare products available, skincare regimens are not so basic anymore and sheet masks are often the favored “luxury addition” to give skin an extra boost. Thanks to Japanese beauty brand Lululun, a daily sheet masking ritual is definitely doable!

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New sheet mask brands to try from Watsons, all P150 and under

After the boom of clay masks late last year, I thought that sheet masks would soon lose their popularity among skincare enthusiasts. But. I. was. dead. wrong. I’ve noticed so many new sheet masks cropping on up on Watsons’ shelves, and it made me realize that what started as a K-beauty trend has found a permanent spot in our routines. It makes sense though: it’s an easy and often affordable way to indulge in 15 to 20 minutes of pampering and me-time. With so many new variants to choose from though, which one do you start with? I tried out a few so you know what to try for your next self-care sesh!

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Leaders sheet masks are back and ready to take on our skin issues

I’ve taken my oily skin for granted and it has bit me in the backside, hard. I feel like I’m going back to my teenage years with the way my skin is now. While I’m still trying to find the right routine for me, I learned a little bit more about my skin at the Leaders Grand Launch.

At the launch event, one of the activities offered was a skin consultation. I sat opposite the attendant, confident I’d hear the usual feedback. But as the attendee began interpreting the results, I felt my stomach knot up. And it wasn’t the coffee I had downed earlier in the day - it was dread.

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Elizabeth Arden SUPERSTART introduces probiotics in skincare

While we know Elizabeth Arden mostly for its feminine fragrances (White Tea remains a personal favorite since trying it last year), they’re not one to be left behind on color cosmetics and skincare.

The introduction of the SUPERSTART Skin Renewal Booster has inspired a full-on SUPERSTART collection. This collection features skincare technology that focuses on improving the radiance and appearance of the skin’s topmost layer, the stratum corneum. The line heavily features probiotics, which aims to strengthen skin’s own natural defenses leaving your skin feeling resilient and refreshed.

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These award-winning Taiwanese sheet masks are just P74!

Move over, Japan and South Korea: the newest beauty destination is Taiwan! I’ve been a big fan of Asian Beauty (AB) for a while now, and now the latest trend is moving towards the direction of our northern neighbor. What makes Taiwanese products so exciting is that they offer advanced research, technical expertise, and premium formulations at very reasonable prices, which is obviously a win-win for savvy beauty addicts. Luckily, we needn’t look too far or request for pasabuy to get our dose of Taiwanese Beauty!

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Real Talk: Do sheet masks actually help your skin?

We here at PV have all the feels for our fave sheet masks. I personally love using them at night, particularly after a very long and challenging day. It’s such a hassle-free and cost-effective way to relax, care for my skin, and have a spa experience right at home! I even gift them to friends and relatives because I feel like it’s something everyone could and should enjoy. When it comes down to it though, is it actually helpful to incorporate sheet masks into your skin care routine?

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This is what happened when I tried Mediheal masks for six days

Fans of Korean skincare are probably very familiar with the sheet mask. This supercharged K-beauty innovation basically acts a concentrated “booster shot” for the skin, delivering a potent dose of active ingredients in the form of a saturated cotton or hydrogel mask. Skincare junkies swear by them, and any pretty unnie worth her salt probably has a preferred brand. Here at PV, our editor-in-chief Liz swears by Leaders, while the other ladies prefer more familiar labels like Etude House, The Face Shop, and Skinfood. Personally, I am solidly #TeamInnisfree.

Or, well, I was. Until a KPop group shook up my life, and my skincare routine.

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Budget Beauty: Skin-saving sheet masks under P100

Sheet masks are like an instant best friend skincare item that’s available whenever and wherever you need them. Tired and want a quick pick-me-upper for your skin? Prepping for a big event and need of an extra boost of moisture? Just feeling the desire for some me-time and TLC for your skin? Put on a refreshing sheet mask! It’s like a spa day for your face tidily wrapped in one small packet, and it doesn’t need to be pricey. Just check out our under-100 pesos picks below!

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Only P29 per sheet: The Kracie Hadabisei All-In-One Face Mask

Face masking junkies know how expensive the, erm, hobby can get. Sure, a 50 to 80-peso sheet mask doesn't sound like a lot of money, but considering that each mask is only good for a single use (unless you know some creative hacks) and if you like to mask more than once a week, the habit becomes quite expensive! That's why I recommend getting monthly mask packs instead. Getting 30+ sheets in one go saves you a lot more money in the long run, plus you get to mask every day or as often as you please. 

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A sheet face mask that costs under ten pesos? Let's try DIY tablet masks!

A daily sheet masking habit can be good for your skin, especially when preparing for a special occasion. It’s not quite wallet-friendly though, since each individually-packed mask can range from P65 for the Watsons Collagen Face Masks to P248 for a Leaders The Gold 24 Secret Mask. In looking for a cheaper alternative earlier this year, I tried a DIY lotion face mask that cost roughly six pesos: it was that cheap because all you have to buy is the multi-layered cotton pad which you can use with whatever moisturizing toner or Japanese lotion that you already have.

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Origins now has sheet masks, and they're only P150

I first fell in love with the facial masks from Origins at their Mask Madness party, where I got to try their best-selling the skin-smoothing Original Skin and pore-cleaning Clear Improvement masks. Both are fantastic wash-off formulas but as I've gotten used to a Korean-type skincare regimen, I wanted a sheet mask that I could apply at the end of my routine and just leave on. My wish came true with the arrival of the Origins Flower Fusion sheet masks!

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Before and After: The PV Team takes on the 7-day LuLuLun masking challenge

When it comes to achieving chok chok skin, we've gotten used to expecting Korean beauty products to be the answer. It's not so surprising as K-beauty offers a lot of great picks, but the Japanese are actually the original skincare pros! LuLuLun in particular has been making waves as Japan's favorite sheet mask brand. It consistently receives beauty awards and has sold over 300 million masks since it first launched in 2011.

Considering that most of our fave sheet masks are from Korea and are single use, we were excited by the idea of masking everyday for an entire week. We received two variants to road test: the Classic Moisturizing Face Mask and the Moisture-Enrich Face Mask.

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