The 14 sheet masks to try for the rest of your body

By now, I feel like the PV team’s love for sheet masks warrant no introduction. We've raved about our favorites, shared our best hacks to maximize the masking habit (maskimizing?), and even let you in on the results of our five-day masking challenge. It’s an understatement to say that the PV girls are strong believers of what sheet masks can do for our faces! But did you know that there are more to sheet masks than meets the eye? Like, literally? You'd be surprised at how many types of sheet masks are available to treat your full body to that pampering experience, and help them look their best as well. Here are just a few of them! 

Hair Masks

If you've ever wanted to take the salon experience at home without committing to a giant tub of treatment, hair masks are a quick and cheap option for reviving dry and damaged hair. After towel drying freshly-washed hair, just wrap the mask over and around your tresses then leave it on for about 20 minutes. Remove the sheet and gently wash out the essence with warm water. Hello, smooth and easy to manage locks!

Try: Leaders Mediu AngelRing Hair Steam Pack (P298 at Leaders), Kocostar Home Salon Hair Pack (P401 at Sephora)

Eye Patches

Our delicate eye area often needs a little more TLC than the rest of our face, especially after late nights of finishing work deadlines (or bingeing on KDrama—we’re not judging)! To brighten dark circles and boost hydration, pop an eye patch to cool in your fridge then apply it on your undereye area for 10 to 20 minutes. I find that these help plump up my heavily-lined bags for smoother concealer application!.When I know I’m getting less than five hours of sleep, I put a pair of these patches on so I wake up looking like I got all the beauty sleep I needed!

Try: Tony Moly Panda Dream Eye Patch (P58 at Tony Moly), Leaders Hydrogel Eye Therapy Patch (P498 at Leaders), Skinlite Collagen Eye Zone Mask (P100 at BeautyMNL)

Lip Masks

Matte lips are pretty but they sometimes come with a price. If you have severely dry lips and need something more intense than lip balm to bring them back to kissable softness, a leave-on lip mask promises to nourish and moisturize after just 15 minutes of wear. Even Hollywood actress Emma Stone has been known to put these on before walking the red carpet!

Try: Sephora Collection Lip Masks (P154 at Sephora), Pure Smile Choosy Lip Pack in Peach (P40 at Althea)

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Hand Masks

Hand masks are basically cotton gloves filled with essence to soothe and moisturize dry hands. If you use alcohol and hand sanitizer (hygienic but seriously drying), masks are a great way to restore lost moisture as the essence is more potent than regular hand creams. Wear them as you would a normal glove, and massage the remaining essence on your skin after the 20 minutes are up. And if you just want to treat your hangnail-prone cuticles, there are masks just for that, too!

Try: Sephora Collection Hand Masks (P231 at Sephora), Tony Moly Lovely Hand Peach Mask (P240 at Althea), The Face Shop Paraffin Nutrition Nail Pack

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Jaw Masks

Also known as chin packs or V-line masks, jaw masks are elastic sheets that you’d hoop on both ears and wear along the chin to slim and firm up the area. It provides a temporary aid to sagging skin and tightens your jaw for that v-line definition. 

Try: Kocostar V-Line Hydrogel Chin Pack (P150 at Althea), Leaders Mediu 2-Step Double Effect V-Line Facial Shaping System (P248 at Leaders)

Underarm Patch

With the summer heat at full blast, we have to take extra precaution to avoid awkward underarm moments. Don’t sweat it and use an armpit patch instead! Simply stick it on the underside within your sleeve and it should free you from all your sweating worries. 

Try: Elizavecca Neodeo Anti-Humidity Armpit Patch (P360 at Althea)

Foot Peeling Masks

If you have dry, cracked, calloused feet that needs saving, foot peeling masks might just be what you need to regain your baby smooth skin! Pop them on like normal socks for 60 to 90 minutes and wash off all remaining essence. Be amazed (or grossed out?) by the resulting slow but satisfying peel that should happen in the next one to two weeks to reveal smoother, softer feet. We chronicled the full experience here!

Try: Baby Foot Peeling Mask (P830 at Beauty Bar)

Quite literally, different body sheet masks options have us covered from head to toe! Which ones have you tried and what products did you enjoy using the most?