Is the Clio Airwear Foundation "THE" summer base I'm looking for?

I was recently on the lookout for a new lightweight foundation for this crazy hot weather. I can't stand the stickiness and general grossness of thick foundation once it's been melting on my face for a few hours! That's why I added the Clio Kill Cover Airwear Protexture Foundation SPF 25 PA++ (P748) to my Althea shopping cart last time. It sounded like just the thing I needed, plus it came with a novel-looking brush. For the price, it looked like a good deal.

I love the dewy, light to medium coverage of this liquid foundation. It smoothened and hid whatever needs work on my skin without much effort - I feel like I'm a K-drama star in terms of skin perfection whenever I have it on! (Feel ko lang). I also enjoy the watery texture as it's easy to blend out with the accompanying soft brush.

The shade I have, Ginger, is the only shade available over at Althea. That's unfortunate as it's one shade lighter than I'd like. I know that there's a darker shade available so that might work for my NC35 skin (medium). If you're NC30 (light medium), I think Ginger would work for you

That chok chok lyf

That chok chok lyf

Staying power on me is about 5-6 hours when set properly with powder. In our humid weather, I find that this is not as long-wearing nor as shine-free as I'd like. I imagine that it'd be perfect for cooler climes though! I find this feels sticky on my skin if I'm not wearing the right primer or even just the right moisturizer. 

A bit more on the brush: it has this circular notch in the center supposedly for cupping the foundation and allowing you to distribute it all over your face evenly. It's a nice thought, but in practice, the Airwear foundation is so, so watery that it sinks right in in the brush as soon as you squeeze it out. This brush might work for thicker foundation though; it's a great brush otherwise. The bristles are soft and buff out pigments evenly.

Overall, I think you'll love the Clio Kill Cover Airwear Protexture Foundation SPF 25 PA++ if:

  • You have dry to normal skin.
  • You work or study in cold, airconditioned environments or like to travel to cooler climates.
  • You're into the glowy, chok chok finish (which I am on occasion, as I think it looks pretty!)
  • You prefer easy to apply, lightweight bases with fairly good coverage.

You won't like it if:

  • You're oily and don't like how sticky bases can get in this heat.
  • You're darker than medium yellow (Koreans should really work on darker - yes, darker pa more - shades).

And that is that! Do you think this liquid foundation is for you? What's your current liquid base for this crazy summer heat?