Worth The Splurge: Baby Foot is the cure for rough, cracked feet

Are your feet complaining from all the rushing you did during the holidays? Do you suffer from dry skin and miss out on from wearing sandals? I had both issues with my feet and needed a quick-fix! My nightly lotion routine didn’t seem enough anymore, and my calluses and deep lines seem to multiply every day. Thankfully, Baby Foot (P830) came to town last November and the best-selling Japanese product is now available in Beauty Bar!

So, what is Baby Foot? Baby Foot is a foot-softening and peeling product meant to give you soft and smooth feet by “removing hard skin with fruit acid and seventeen types of natural extracts”. Application claims to be as “easy as 1, 2, 3!"

To be honest, I was quite hesitant to try it out. I was scared that my feet would be peeling like crazy but in the end, the chance to get rid of my dry skin outweighed my worries. After all, Baby Foot promises to be a gentle, stress-free process!

Before using Baby Foot, with a close up of my super dry heels

Before using Baby Foot, with a close up of my super dry heels

I took photos of my feet before using Baby Foot so you can see my rough skin in all its glory. My heels are especially dry, and I haven’t had the chance to get a foot spa in ages. *sobs*

The Baby Foot box contains pair of disposable plastic booties that have been pre-filled with fruit acids. There’s also a sheet with tape that you can use to secure the packs onto your feet, and an instruction guide with easy to follow directions.

Putting on the Baby Foot packs was a breeze; I just cut off the top edge of the booties and slid my feet inside. I secured with the tape as instructed and let my feet soak in the solution for 30 minutes before thoroughly rinsing with water. It was a quick and painless procedure.

I didn’t detect any changes in my feet within the next couple of days after application. I was starting to feel doubtful but on the third day, my skin just started falling off like crazy! I had to wear socks so that the peeling skin wouldn’t get all over the place. I also took care to avoid using anything with alcohol on my feet or to peel off the skin forcibly so as not to cause damage.The soles of my feet were the first to finish with the peeling, and then moved up to the sides and to the top of my feet.

Looks a bit scary, but I promise it didn't feel like anything!

Looks a bit scary, but I promise it didn't feel like anything!

Tada! Here’s a shot of my feet now, taken a little over a week since using Baby Foot.They’re so pink and smooth! They feel softer, too, like I just had a relaxing foot massage. The peeling hasn’t fully finished yet so there are still some rough patches here and there. I noticed though that it didn’t get rid of the calluses or 100% of the deep lines caused by dryness. Maybe after a couple more uses? Reapplication can be done after 2-3 months.

Overall, I’m quite happy with Baby Foot. I really didn’t expect my rough feet to suddenly be as smooth as a baby’s with just one application but Baby Foot did deliver a close result. Just make sure to use the foot packs 2-3 weeks before any event requiring sexy sandals to give the peeling process (the duration will vary from person to person) enough time to finish. At P830 for a box, Baby Foot has surely saved me a couple of trips to the foot spa, which I get done for P450 plus tip plus gas plus parking. I got soft and smooth feet done in the comfort of my home with results that I expect to last for 2-3 months.

Will you be trying Baby Foot? Apart from getting a foot spa, how do you keep your feet looking nice and smooth?