The Weekly Haul: Bobbi Brown, Kanebo Kate, Avon

Time to share your haulage again! This week I got a few - ok maybe a lot - of makeup. Kate Tokyo sent some of their new products, while Bobbi Brown seeded two new collections. Wow. Thanks Robbie and Jill for always thinking of Project Vanity! I have also got some new cute undies from Avon.

Bobbi Brown sent over a couple of things from the Glow Collection. The Limited Edition Extra Lip Tint has Olive Oil Complex, Vitamins E and C, and Babassu Palm Seed Oil. Oooh I've never heard of Babassu Palm before; it sounds exotic! Whatever it is it feels soooo goood on the lips. I wish this were more tinted but it may be one of the better lip balms I tried in a while!

We also got a Long-Wear Gel Sparkle cream color! I'll never be too old for pink sparkly lids. I also their about their new Eye Opening Mascara. I have yet to open the packaging, I love the eye prints on the paper. </3

Kate Tokyo, one of Japan's leading drugstore cosmetics brands, also forwarded some mighty interesting things. They have this Trap Impact Eyeshadow that promises to lengthen eyes vertically as opposed to horizontally. The colors daw are also for the lower lid! How cool! They alsohave a Double Eyelid Remake LIner that looks like an eye/brow liner, but is actually for drawing a double lid on.

Say what?

Finally, Kate has a new Mineral Mask BB Cream that hydrates like a mask and has a super smooth, porcelain-like finish. Yes I will try these ASAP and let you know how they are!

Last but not least, I have good news. Avon now has size XXL panties. Yes. Yes they do. I think it's very forward-thinking of them especially for big-bottomed women like myself. I'm a medium in all my clothes but all my panties are L (TMI but relevant so whatevs haha). So yes it's good to know that Avon finally has XL panties in case I need them!

So that's my haul for the week. Anything new in your stash?