DIY Day: The Lotion Face Mask that costs six pesos to make

We're crazy about sheet masks and love that there are so many options to suit every skin care need. But let’s face it: as much as we want to do a daily sheet masking routine, it can get too costly! So we're turning to a Japanese beauty technique popularized by Chizu Saeki, a beauty guru and author of The Japanese Skincare Revolution. Granted that you already have the skincare, you can create your very own Lotion Mask in just five minutes and for roughly six pesos!

If you're wondering why we're recommending such a crazy-sounding idea, a clarification: the Japanese refer to toners as lotion! Unlike Western formulations that are designed to have a cleansing effect and can sometimes feel astringent, Japanese lotions (or softeners) have moisturizing properties. They feel a lot like the essence that sheet masks are soaked in! They're very easy to make, and require just three items: 

  • Multi-layered cotton pads (about three pieces, costs P6)
  • Moisturizing toner or Japanese lotion (whatever you already have in your vanity)
  • Distilled water (or tap water)

Step 1: Take two clean cotton pads and soak them in distilled water. If you’re not particular about it and don't have sensitive skin, you can use simple tap water.

Step 2: Press the soaked cotton pads in between your palms to remove excess water. The moisture in the cotton will keep the toner from soaking in too much but you don't want it to be too wet and dilute the product.

Step 3: Pour a generous amount of lotion all over the wet pad. It doesn't have to be dripping wet; just enough to coat the surface of the pad.

Step 4: Separate the sheets of the cotton pad and carefully stretch each layer. Apply each finer sheet to completely cover your face and neck. Leave it on for three minutes then gently pat the moisture into your skin when you've removed the mask. Here's a video of Chizu Saeki demonstrating her famous technique: 

Do note that the cotton pads you normally get from the supermarket will do but it's best to use layered cotton. They're slightly thicker and much more durable. You can find these in MUJI and Landmark department store.  

Another option to using cotton pads are compressed sheet masks, which are available in shops like Miniso (P199/100pcs) and Muji. They look like small, white round tablets and they unfurl into sheet masks once soaked in water. 

When using a compressed sheet mask, the steps are pretty much the same except that you add and mix the lotion into the water before soaking the mask to ensure that lotion is soaked evenly. Once the liquids have been absorbed, it will be easy to unroll into a sheet mask that you can use as you would a store-bought one.

To reap the full benefits, make sure to use a good lotion or toner with a hydrating formula. I love how this maximizes the effect of my skin care product because it soaks in for a longer time, and it's so easy and quick to make, too!

Do you enjoy sheet masking? Would you give this DIY lotion mask a try?