Leaders sheet masks are back and ready to take on our skin issues

I’ve taken my oily skin for granted and it has bit me in the backside, hard. I feel like I’m going back to my teenage years with the way my skin is now. While I’m still trying to find the right routine for me, I learned a little bit more about my skin at the Leaders Grand Launch.

At the launch event, one of the activities offered was a skin consultation. I sat opposite the attendant, confident I’d hear the usual feedback. But as the attendee began interpreting the results, I felt my stomach knot up. And it wasn’t the coffee I had downed earlier in the day - it was dread.

The attendee had used a device to measure my skin’s moisture, oil, temperature, skin tone, and pores. As expected, my moisture and oil were at median levels. Then she told me that my skin was hotter than normal. That my skin tone was not even. That my pores were huge.

My skin - and my life - was suddenly in shambles.

They printed out my results so I have a reminder of the issues I have to work on, huhuhu

They printed out my results so I have a reminder of the issues I have to work on, huhuhu

With another attendant recommending sheet masks I can use to address these issues, I walked away from the consultation with so many thoughts on how to improve my skin. Despite having done so much research and reading articles on my skin type, it is an eye-opening experience to have someone press a microcamera against your cheek to show you the condition of your skin and bare its issues.

As with many Filipinas, my skin issues tend to center on oiliness and acne. That’s why I was happy to find that there are many variants of Leaders sheet masks that address these common issues! The brand has focused on bringing in the particular lines and variants best suited for Filipino skin and ensured that the prices are competitive, with masks ranging from P59 to P209. The Leaders was founded by dermatologists from Seoul National University (South Korea’s top university), so you can rest assured that you’re getting top-notch sheet masks at every price point.


While sheet masks still aren’t a one-and-done treatment, choosing one made from good material and infused with the right ingredients can give you benefits similar to applying an essence. For my own skin, I’ve learned to choose sheet masks that are both moisturizing and have ingredients that target acne. Hence, I was excited to see the AC (Acne Care) masks like the Exsolution AC Calming Mask (P59). I’ve also experienced the benefit of a good moisturizing sheet mask, especially on days when my skin feels tight. The Insolution Aquaringer Skin Clinic Mask (P139) helps your skin stay soft and plump - and is the brand’s bestseller! Liz has long raved about their coconut gel masks, so I’m looking forward to using the Insolution Bio Healthy Multi Mask (P189).


Before, I was already happy with whatever sheet mask came my way. After having tried a good number of them, I’ve found that the mask material actually matters. This is why I dislike flimsy masks that fall apart; it feels like I don’t get my money’s worth! Leaders sheet masks, however, are apparently made from cotton extracted from cotton seeds with Bemliese Fabric, so they’re very sturdy and adhere well to the face. They also have biocellulose masks derived from coconut, helping increase absorption rate and moisture retention, all while feeling cool to the touch.

Improving my skin is an ongoing struggle but hey, now I know better about what skin issues I should focus on and to consciously look for ingredients that would work best for me. Getting started on a skincare routine is definitely a good thing but remember that not all skincare are made equal, so be sure to choose one that properly suits what your skin needs rather than copying a routine or riding on a hyped product. Your mileage may vary!

Have you tried Leaders sheet masks? Which variant is your favorite? What ingredients do you look for in sheet masks?

Leaders is available at Watsons, SM Department Stores, and CNA Philippines.