Japanese brand Lululun has new sheet masks - here's what we think!

One of this year’s biggest beauty trends is the approach to skincare as a form of self-care. Following a morning and night routine has become a necessity not just for the physical improvements but for the perceived mental and emotional benefits as well. With so many skincare products available, skincare regimens are not so basic anymore and sheet masks are often the favored “luxury addition” to give skin an extra boost. Thanks to Japanese beauty brand Lululun, a daily sheet masking ritual is definitely doable!

At the recent event hosted by the brand, one of the Japanese representative shared the origin story of Lululun. Believe it or not, it was actually started by an ad agency with the intention of boosting the morale of beauty lovers after Japan suffered a devastating earthquake. The sheet masks were created to be an affordable and sustainable way of self-care! The name “Lululun” is actually onomatopoeic for melodic humming, the kind of sound one would make while merrily walking down the street.

Since then, Lululun masks became one of the top selling masks in Japan. With the rising popularity of Asian Beauty, the masks have also been well-received internationally, so the brand has been very busy with expanding its product lines!

Masks 2.JPG

The original lineup features Classic Moisturizing (pink), Moisture-Rich (blue), and Whitening/Brightening (white) variants in 7-day and 32-day packs for P325 and P995, respectively. For those on the lookout for anti-aging benefits, the Lululun Precious line is composed of Rejuvenating (green), Whitening/Firming (gold), and Moisture/Wrinkle Care (red) variants for P350 and P1,175. Both have no noticeable fragrance.

Lululun masks are meant to be used daily, but if you’re not ready to commit to an entire pack, the brand now offers individually-wrapped sheet masks under the Nature Care and Aroma Care lines at P140 a pop, and P650 for a pack of five. The Aroma Care masks are blended with essential oils to give a stress-relieving aromatherapy experience. Choose from Yuzu, Clary Sage, Lemon Grass, and Rose scents. If a weekly masking habit is more your speed, then go for the Nature Care variants. These once-a-week treats come in Fresh Red (with acerola extract), Sweet Drop (with manuka honey), Homeo-Age (with seaweed extract), Smooth Gold (with silk amino acids), and Sunny Day (with sunflower extract) variants.

The PV girls, including yours truly, have previously done the 7-day Lululun challenge to see how a week of regular masking would improve our skin. I decided to take it to the next level and brought the Precious green Rejuvenating masks while visiting the Kansai region of Japan to see how my skin would survive the weather. The temperature was 16͒℃ to 20℃ dry-coolness so my skin really needed the extra hydration. I used the masks nightly and didn’t applying anything else over the essence afterwards, just to see if the mask would be enough. Unfortunately, I had to stop after 4 days because I caught a nasty cold and my nasolabial area began flake and peel from constantly blowing my nose. I didn’t want to get any essence on the inflamed skin.

Before the masking trial and after Day 4 of masking

Before the masking trial and after Day 4 of masking

Although my “experiment” was suddenly cut short, the results were pretty impressive given that I was relying on a single solution to hydrate my skin in cold weather. My naturally dry skin felt decently hydrated until I washed my face the next morning. However, my face started to feel tight again after rinsing, so I still needed to apply a moisturizer in the daytime. If you are staying for long periods of time in air conditioned rooms, the masks are enough to use alone. However, really dry, wintry weather will require the addition of a rich moisturizer to top things off.

After my skin had healed, I opted to try the Aroma Care mask in Lemon Grass. Unlike the basic Lululun masks that don’t really have a discernible scent, this had an exotic herbal fragrance that made it feel more premium. It was citrus-y fresh with notes of wood, which is how I imagine a dried lemongrass stalk might smell like. My sheet mask session felt more spa-like as a result!

Lululun is expanding its local reach as the brand will also be available in Watsons soon, in addition to their current placements in Beauty Bar. Plus, we spotted the Nature Care Weekly Face Masks as upcoming additions to Sample Room so make sure to keep an eye out for those!

Have you tried Lululun sheet masks yet? What is your favorite variant?