Budget Beauty: Skin-saving sheet masks under P100

Here at PV, we girls take our masking seriously. We’ve explored how to get the most out of your fave sheet masks, dished out on our favorites, and even hacked our way to 10-peso and 29-peso DIY masks. You name your “masking” question, we’ve most likely written a thing or two about it. That’s how much we love ‘em masks!

Sheet masks are like an instant best friend skincare item that’s available whenever and wherever you need them. Tired and want a quick pick-me-upper for your skin? Prepping for a big event and need of an extra boost of moisture? Just feeling the desire for some me-time and TLC for your skin? Put on a refreshing sheet mask! It’s like a spa day for your face tidily wrapped in one small packet, and it doesn’t need to be pricey. Just check out our under-100 pesos picks below!


If your skin is suffering from redness, acne, and/or lack of moisture, try the Naruko Rose and Botanic HA Aqua Cubic Hydrating Mask EX (P69 from Watsons)

Rose extracts are best known for their antiflammatory properties that some swear by them to treat acne. I used this mask when my chin had a sudden eruption of tiny bumps, and they were reduced significantly the next day! This particular mask contains rose water, green tea, and hyaluronic acid - a powerful trio that helps keep the skin moisturized and calms redness.


If your skin is feeling extra dry, try the Purederm Aloe Collagen Mask (P79, Watsons)

If there’s one variant of sheet mask that I’d never get tired of purchasing, it’s anything with aloe. I love how cooling and soothing it is on the skin, especially for long days spent inside air-conditioned rooms. The gel of the aloe plant is used often to soothe skin and heal wounds, making it effective for those suffering from sunburns and acne as well. What’s more, this sheet mask has flaps for the eyelids so you can pull them over your peepers, take a quick nap, and enjoy hydrated skin all over.


If it’s that time of the month and your skin is out to get you, try the Pretty Secret Honey Black Detox Mask (P75, Watsons)

Honey is a well-loved ingredient in the kitchen and skincare as well. I love putting on honey masks whenever I’m suffering from a really, really bad breakout because of its natural antibacterial properties. As it is also moisturizing, it helps the skin heal and recover its lost glow.


If you’re planning to zap your dark spots away, try the Beauty Buffet Rice Wine Yeast Moisturizing Mask (P59, Watsons)

Okay, it might take a few of these sheet masks to see results but rice wine has been know to help fade post-acne marks or dark spots. In making rice wine, kojic acid is produced, and this substance helps in reducing the amount of melanin in the skin. The result is skin that looks brighter and better moisturized.

If you want bouncy and radiant skin, try the Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Mask in Bamboo (P65, BeautyMNL)

Silica helps improve skin elasticity but our body’s natural ability to produce it decreases as we age. Bamboo contains silica and helps prevent the loss of moisture in the skin, so it feels smooth and plump.


If you’re after brighter, fairer skin, try the Esfolio Milk Essence Mask Sheet (P54, BeautyMNL)

Milk contains lactic acid, a type of AHA that exfoliates the skin and helps get rid off the dull, dead layers. With the gentle exfoliation, a fresh new skin layer is revealed, resulting in a more radiant complexion.


If your pores are looking clogged and super obvious, try the Bioaqua Egg Face Mask (P89 for 2, BeautyMNL)

I’ve always loved putting on egg white masks before I got into actual skincare. I love how it tightens my pores but natural egg masks can go bad pretty easily and are quite messy! This is a better, more sanitary alternative. It soaks up excess oil and reduce the appearance of pores. As eggs contain vitamin B2, using them in your skincare can help aid in the prevention of acne.

Are you a sheet mask hoarder? What are your favorite cheap sheet masks?