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How to stay summer fresh with bath and body essentials from Zenutrients

Metro Manila heaves a collective sigh of relief now that water service has resumed to all areas! Apart from the obvious sanitation issues, having no or very limited access to water was especially tortuous since we’re officially in the hot and sunny season. A daily shower is non-negotiable for us Filipinos, and it’s not uncommon for many to bathe twice a day during summer. It’s refreshing and necessary for removing all the dirt and pollution that sticks to our bodies, but have you ever wondered how it affects the health of your skin?

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Editor's Pick: An ode to essences and La Mer The Treatment Lotion

New York Times recently published an article about why essences may be more important than moisturizer. I beg to differ - I think that if you had to choose one, a good moisturizer for your skin type will serve you far well - but I do agree that essences are important to our skin. A serum, toner, and moisturizer in one, essences (or sometimes called lotions) can help moisturize and plump up the skin without adding extra texture underneath your moisturizer. Good ones typically contain actives for better results. You can use them alone if you layer them several times (read here about the Korean 7-Skin Method), but I find them most effective as a booster for my regular moisturizer.

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Top Picks: The eight best body lotions for every budget

The term "skincare" usually makes us think of the best ways and products to keep our faces clear, smooth and shine-free but that's obviously just a small portion of our skin! It would be very expensive to use toners and serums for the rest of our body though, so the next best thing is to make sure you get a good lotion for every day use. Apart from the ability to moisturize, many now offer other benefits, and you can pretty much get them at any budget. Here are our top picks!

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Reader question: What's the difference between body oil, butter, and lotion?

Hi Ms. Liz! I've been an avid reader since last year & I would like to commend you for inspiring many girls. I especially love your makeup tutorials! I always have a blast when I try them out myself! Anyway, I wanted to ask you about the difference between body oils, butters and lotions? I have dry skin & religiously use hydrating lotion to no avail. I'm thinking of switching but I always get confused because the market right now is bombarded with many products claiming to be effective, you dont really know what to get. Thank you in advance! - Class

Hi Class! Thanks for reading my blog. I would definitely love to do more tutorials once my schedule eases up a little. It's just been hectic but the next one I plan to do is a summer look. ;) Anyway, let's get crackin' on your question!

Body oils are literally oils with very little to no preservatives. These naturally-derived moisturizers can lubricate and maintain your skin's moisture barrier. It doesn't really penetrate deep into the skin, instead coating it with a layer of oil that prevents moisture from escaping the surface (that's why it's called an occlusive agent). Oils also serve to condition and maintain the suppleness of the skin.

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Block & White Naturals Whitening Lotions Line: TVC and review

Have you seen the new Block & White commercial? It shows a young, tanned girl skateboarding with the boys. Her two girl friends, who are sitting on a bench nearby, decides that this tomboying will not do; they whisk her away to shop for new clothes and give her a makeover with makeup. But wait! She's dark! So, they hand her a bottle of the new Block & White lotion. She is now transformed into a fair, dress-wearing, skateboarding beauty who makes boys' heads turn.

I wish I can find the commercial on YouTube, but feel free to watch it on Block & White's Facebook Page. There's over a hundred comments condemning it. They say that it sends the wrong message to impressionable young girls, telling them that only white is beautiful. 

Don't expect fire and brimstone from me, criticizing women who want to have whiter skin. If that's what they need to make them feel more beautiful and confident then by all means! Let's not patronize them. Girls who want to change their hair color do not necessarily hate their hair. Likewise, women who want to be fairer do not necessarily hate their skin (and/or themselves).


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Drugstore find: Jergens Soothing Aloe Relief

One of my favorite lotions back in high school was from Jergens. It was affordable, smelled great, and didn't feel sticky. It was such a staple then, but when I got more adventurous with products in college, I just sortof forgot about it, y'know? But when Jergens sent me their new lotion, I just remembered why I loved this back then.

After all these years, Jergens still is affordable, nice-smelling, and non-sticky. A new variant, the Jergens Soothing Aloe Relief, has a calming, clean aloe vera smell that doesn't overpower. So not fussy!

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Watsons star: The H Bella Bath and Body Care Line

A majority of Filipinas may be hesitant when it comes to makeup, but you can bet that we loooove our bath and body products. Actually we just love our baths, period. We're no Frenchmen.

It's no wonder that aisles and aisles of drugstores and supermarkets are dedicated just for the riot of body care products. There's always something new, something exciting to buy and try! One of them is Watsons' latest bath and body care line called H Bella.

It's a pretty solid collection. I tried everything and all of them met my criteria for body products - they're light, non-sticky, not scratchy at all, and most importantly, they smell great. Here's my quick review of each product in the line:

Protect & Nourish Hand Cream. It's very light and gets absorbed by my skin quickly. Do you hate the greasy feeling of hand lotions? Do you hate how they turn greasy again after you wet your hands? This is not one of those hand creams. 

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Blog Me Up Buttercup blogger event

Yesterday, The Body Shop invited beauty bloggers to their Megamall branch to have fun with their famous Body Butters. I particularly enjoyed the part where we were asked to make our own Body Butter scent out of the existing variants! 

TBS Body Butters fall under three types: Nutty (Shea and Olive), Fruity (Wild Cherry, Strawberry, Satsuma, and Grapefruit) and Floral (Moringa, smells like jasmine). The bloggers were divided into four groups of three people, and I got grouped with Tanya and the fab Frances. Here's what we came up with:

Scent 1: Olive + Wild Cherry

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Why I Love Johnson's Body Care

IMG_9465 by project_vanity.

My makeup philosophy is this: the more expensive, the better. My skincare philosophy is the complete opposite! I'm very tight-fisted when it comes to the products I use for my skin. As long as I'm pimple-free and smooth I don't ever feel the need to buy expensive skincare products.

That's why I really like Johnson's Body Care line - they're cheap and good. I first got to try them after the product launch last year. I don't really use lotion since I use a moisturizing body wash (Dove) which does a pretty good job already so the Johnson's bottles I got just sat on a shelf for weeks. I'm not sure what made me try them, but one day I finally got to it. Verdict? They're awesome! I finished two bottles down to the last drop.

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