Block & White Naturals Whitening Lotions Line: TVC and review

Have you seen the new Block & White commercial? It shows a young, tanned girl skateboarding with the boys. Her two girl friends, who are sitting on a bench nearby, decides that this tomboying will not do; they whisk her away to shop for new clothes and give her a makeover with makeup. But wait! She's dark! So, they hand her a bottle of the new Block & White lotion. She is now transformed into a fair, dress-wearing, skateboarding beauty who makes boys' heads turn.

I wish I can find the commercial on YouTube, but feel free to watch it on Block & White's Facebook Page. There's over a hundred comments condemning it. They say that it sends the wrong message to impressionable young girls, telling them that only white is beautiful. 

Don't expect fire and brimstone from me, criticizing women who want to have whiter skin. If that's what they need to make them feel more beautiful and confident then by all means! Let's not patronize them. Girls who want to change their hair color do not necessarily hate their hair. Likewise, women who want to be fairer do not necessarily hate their skin (and/or themselves).

But. We have to know and understand that being fair isn't the only way to be beautiful. I'm against commercials that very plainly states otherwise. Brown skin, black skin, all colors are beautiful as they are. It's us - individually - who need to find a way to be happy, accepting, and comfortable in them without succumbing to what the TV tells us.

I like the people behind Block & White Philippines (had dinner with them a couple of weeks back) and I'm sure they mean well. I just wish they found a different way to get their point across. The newly reformulated lotions are actually fantastic by themselves, and I know this because I've been using them for two weeks.

This is the part where I review the lotions. :) The new Block & White Naturals Whitening Lotions line comes in Natural Pearl, Japanese Rice and Camellia Oil, and Papaya and Virgin Coconut Oil. First thing I noticed was how nice these smelled! They don't have that annoying chemical lotion scent. They're very sweet, flowery, and a bit fruity, which I like.

The texture is quite light and non-greasy. It's easily absorbed on skin without any stickiness later in the day. Very basic stuff, but the main difference of these lotions from others I've reviewed? They're super affordable. The 100ml is just P64, 200ml at P112, while the 350ml is P180.

So yes, do try it if you're looking for a drugstore lotion that feels light and smells good. :)