Why I Love Johnson's Body Care

IMG_9465 by project_vanity.

My makeup philosophy is this: the more expensive, the better. My skincare philosophy is the complete opposite! I'm very tight-fisted when it comes to the products I use for my skin. As long as I'm pimple-free and smooth I don't ever feel the need to buy expensive skincare products.

That's why I really like Johnson's Body Care line - they're cheap and good. I first got to try them after the product launch last year. I don't really use lotion since I use a moisturizing body wash (Dove) which does a pretty good job already so the Johnson's bottles I got just sat on a shelf for weeks. I'm not sure what made me try them, but one day I finally got to it. Verdict? They're awesome! I finished two bottles down to the last drop.

I use the Naturally White variant before I leave the house. It only has SPF 8 (you need at least SPF 15 for minimum protection), but that's okay since I spray on an SPF 50 sunblock beforehand if I'm going out for more than a couple of hours. It has a slight sunblock-y smell and even has a similar texture, but without the white streaks and the greasiness. 

My favorite is the Melt Away Stress variant because of the sweet powdery lavender smell. This is what I use when I want to smell extra nice after a bath or when I'm going somewhere at night. Shallow I know, but it really does complement a good mood. It has a buttery smooth texture that absorbs easily with no greasy feel.

The 24-Hour Lasting Moisture variant is something that I've never used. It smells like baby powder and I thought that I don't need extra moisturizing. You know who loves it? My grandfather! His doctors at Makati Med prescribed something for his skin asthma but he still itches uncomfortably. I gave him the lotion to try and lo! He claims it stopped his itching. He loves the lotion so much he even bought a huge bottle of it (the one with a pump) since he uses it often.

Aaand that's it. Pretty long I know, but I use the two variants of Johnson's Body Care everyday. They're cheap at less than a hundred bucks in any drugstore. You really can't go wrong.