Top Picks: The eight best body lotions for every budget

The term "skincare" usually makes us think of the best ways and products to keep our faces clear, smooth and shine-free but that's obviously just a small portion of our skin! It would be very expensive to use toners and serums for the rest of our body though, so the next best thing is to make sure you get a good lotion for every day use. Apart from the ability to moisturize, many now offer other benefits, and you can pretty much get them at any budget. Here are our top picks!


For sensitive skin

Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion (P890 for 237ml at supermarkets and drugstores)

The brand is practically synonymous with products that are gentle on the skin, so it's not a surprise that this lotion is light, non-greasy, and absorbs quickly. It's also unscented, for those with sensitive noses.

Aveeno Active Naturals Daily Moisturizing Lotion (P649.75 for 354ml at supermarkets and drugstores)

Aveeno is another go-to brand for people with sensitive skin, with this one featuring a colloidal oatmeal blend that soothes skin irritations. It also builds a moisture reserve for the skin, so dry-skinned peeps need not worry about having to constantly reapply. Plus, it’s fragrance-free as well!


For daily hydration and protection

Silka Premium Whitening Lotion with SPF30 (P174 for 200ml at supermarkets and drugstores)

Your face isn't the only thing that needs sunscreen! If you have a limited budget and/or prefer a non-sticky formula, this local lotion offers solutions for both. It contains both physical and chemical ingredients for better sunscreen protection, as well as niacinamide to help reduce lines and hyperpigmentation. They're light and easily absorbed by this skin, plus they have a pretty nice scent, too (try the avocado)!

For evening out the skin tone

Avon Skin So Soft Glutathione with Vita C (can go as low as P149 for 250ml from Avon dealers)

Skin So Soft lotions have been the brand’s bestsellers since they came out - and with good reason. They are light on the skin yet have an affordable price tag. They keep with the times, though, and regularly update the line to keep up with modern requirements. This variant has a lovely jasmine scent and helps even out the skin tone over time.

Kojie-san body lightening lotion (P262 for 200g at supermarkets and drugstores)

This gel lotion is very lightweight, making it ideal for our hot weather. Like the brand's best-selling soap, it has kojic acid to help even out the skintone so it's best to use both products together. To prevent dryness, it's formulated with moisturizing rosehip oil, vitamin E, and collagen. Floral lovers with like its light scent, too!

For an energizing perk up

Origins Ginger Souffle Whipped Body Cream (P2,150 for 200ml at Origins)

The initial whiff can be a bit overwhelming, but this could be exactly what you need for a mid-day pick-me-up! The ginger scent helps to energize and uplift the senses, you can get into a better mood even while just applying this. The souffle formula feels lightweight on the skin, but it's actually a moisturizing heavyweight made up of nourishing oils like olive oil, grapeseed oil, rice bran oil, and apricot kernel oil. You can put down the coffee and pick this up instead!

For a full-spa experience

The Body Shop Body Butters (P995 for 200 ml at The Body Shop)

For a luxurious, sensory experience, trust in good ol’ body butters from The Body Shop. These body butters are staples of the brand and come in lots of variants. These provide deep hydration and are so fragrant and long-lasting that there’s no need to use a separate perfume afterwards. Not to mention, the whole room will smell great, too!

For a good night’s sleep

Lush Sleepy Lotion (P595 for 95g and P945 for 225g at Lush)

This tub quickly sold out in stores as online stories of its sleep-inducing powers were spread. Loyal users believe that it helps them to fall asleep faster and better, thanks to the calming properties of lavender. Whether it works for you or not, the oatmeal, jojoba oil, and cocoa butter are great for nourishing the skin while you sleep.

Have you been caring for your body as well as your face? What are your favorite lotions to apply?