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More Than Soap: How Kojie San is aggressively expanding its beauty empire

Go to the beauty section of any drug store or supermarket and you’ll find an iconic white box with a winking geisha. Kojie San has been a solid mainstay in the skin lightening sector, and it’s become so popular among international Asian Beauty fans that you can find listings for the brand’s famous soap on Amazon! While we at Project Vanity are not interested in skin lightening and whitening per se, we find that the Kojie San’s soap is one fo the most effective products to help even out darker areas.

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Canesten and Marian Rivera get upfront about body care

When beauty lovers obsess over the face, hair, and nails, it’s easy to forget that body care isn’t always as simple as soap and water. Proper TLC is a must in maintaining healthy skin all over, with activities like full-body exfoliation sessions to regularly slathering on lotions. Sometimes, it can even mean nipping fungal infections in the bud, and being honest about the need to address this kind of issue is the first step to regaining flawless skin.

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Top Picks: The eight best body lotions for every budget

The term "skincare" usually makes us think of the best ways and products to keep our faces clear, smooth and shine-free but that's obviously just a small portion of our skin! It would be very expensive to use toners and serums for the rest of our body though, so the next best thing is to make sure you get a good lotion for every day use. Apart from the ability to moisturize, many now offer other benefits, and you can pretty much get them at any budget. Here are our top picks!

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New Snoe favorites: Oh My Wash!, Green Tea Hand Wash, and Whitening S-Rub

We women love our skincare potions, but of course that's not all there is to it. We still need novel solutions to small yet equally important concerns. Say, where to get a hand sanitizer that also doubles as a hand moisturizer? Things like that! That's why I'm into Snoe. This brand isn't just about cooking up great face and hair care products, it also addresses our daily needs as women.

Snoe recently released new products that I am loving right now (surprise, surprise). Here's my favorite among them - the Snoe Oh My Wash (P169)!

I'm used to feminine wash that smells a little clinical and obnoxiously soapy, so this pink Oh My Wash! is quite the breath of fresh air. Really, it smells quite fruity. I would hazard a guess of pomegranates?

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