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IN2IT Moisture Intense Lipstick in Pink Alarm

One time, while I was browsing the IN2IT lipstick display, the sales lady told me "Ma'am, you should try this shade, it's what models ask for!" It doesn't really take much to impress me so off I went with this hot pink number. Is it any good? Well duh, it's IN2IT! This brand never fails to come up with great products that won't hurt the wallet. 

The IN2IT Moisture Intense Lipstick in Pink Alarm (P375) is a bright, blue-based hot pink lipstick. It's one of those quietly popular things that are always sold out! I can see why, for other than the eye-catching color, the lipstick itself has no smell, no taste, and no overly-thick feel characteristic of drugstore lipsticks. Maybe that's why it's a bit more expensive than average.


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Shiseido Week: Rouge Lacquer in Disco (RS404)

If I had to choose only one lip color to wear for the rest of my life I would probably choose something hot pink. Yes, not red! I noticed that while red is a seasonal or moody color for me, hot pink is something I always pick up whether I'm going to the grocery or to a party. It's a fun and happy shade, a lot more user-friendly than one would care to think. 

Speaking of hot pinks, I recently acquired the Shiseido Rouge Lacquer in Disco / RS404 (P1,250). It's a glossy, super bright blue-based pink that makes my teeth look so white! No kidding, you'll see it later. I also like the formula of this liquid lipstick even though it's not perfect. It's moisturizing, doesn't flake, and lasts a decent amount of time (3-4 hours depending on whether I eat or drink). It's solid in one dip but I prefer to dip twice to get the maximum opacity and brightness.

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Lipstick love: Estee Lauder Pure Color Long-Lasting Lipstick in Fuchsia Fever

I've said this once and I'll say it again: Estee Lauder is no longer your lola's brand. They have actually finished reformulating their color cosmetics under the Pure Color line and I tell you, everything is fantastic! From eyeshadows, liners, nail polishes, down to the lipsticks EL has a lot of fabulous, rich shades for you.

To prove my point, here's my lipstick of the moment: The Estee Lauder Pure Color Long-Lasting Lipstick in Fuchsia Fever.

Yes, it is as daring as it looks! It's a bright, ultra creamy fuchsia that just glides on the lips like butter and smells like EL's signature fig scent. It's not drying at all even though it's designed to be long-wearing. While it's rich and heavy with pigment, I find that it doesn't feel thick on the lips even with a couple of layers.

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Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lip Color in Calypso

The big makeup trend for 2013 is brite n' matte lips. Pinks, reds, plums - all matte and all opaque. I think this trend is something everyone can jump into because it requires minimal skill to pull off. Plus, it would look good on just about any set of features and complexions! Loud lips are also a good excuse for girls who don't want to wear much makeup, as they require only a flawless base, some mascara, and polished brows to look modern and ultra-cool.

The Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lip Color (P1,350), released last quarter, is something you should look into if you like matte lipsticks. The formula is opaque in one layer, doesn't transfer, and lasts over six hours even with eating and drinking. It is dry, as expected from matte lipsticks, but it doesn't flake compared to its drugstore counterparts.


Creamy Matte glides on nicely even with the dry texture. I don't wear a lip balm under it if my lips are in prime condition, but if they're dry, I just apply a very thin layer.

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Etude House Dear My Blooming Nails in #3

Last May I saw Agoo Bengzon (Summit's beauty director) in an Instagram photo wearing gorgeous hot pink nails. I thought, "Damn! I bet that's Chanel or something equally expensive!" The color stuck to my head for a couple of days. On the third day (I kid you not) a box from Korea arrived on my doorstep with almost that exact same nail polish color in it. What a happy coincidence!

The Etude House Dear My Blooming Nails in #3 (P178) is a hot pink shade that sizzles without being neon. It has a very smooth, very glossy finish that's characteristic of Etude House polishes. I can not believe it's only P178; it feels much more expensive than that.

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Beauty UK Lip Vinyl in Pure Pacha

I'm currently reading the Fifty Shades Trilogy. It's interesting, in the same way that Twilight is interesting - overly self-aware girl doesn't know how pretty she is, domineering mega-rich guy falls for her. Same old. It does have a lot of, er, physical scenes. It takes the boredom away! :P

After Fifty Shades I plan to read the John Carter Barsoom series. I just watched the movie last Friday and holy hell, it was horrible! I like the premise though, so I'm looking forward to see how it originally rendered on print. What are you poring through these days?

And this is the part where I segue into makeup. Haha! I recently got my hands on the Beauty UK Lip Vinyl in Pure Pacha (P250 from The Makeup Suite). Long story short, I love this stuff! It's a liquid lipstick that's intensely pigmented without feeling thick or waxy on the lips. I'd say it has a watery texture that glides on smoothly.

The lasting power is very good at 4-5 hours before it starts fading.

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