Shiseido Week: Rouge Lacquer in Disco (RS404)

If I had to choose only one lip color to wear for the rest of my life I would probably choose something hot pink. Yes, not red! I noticed that while red is a seasonal or moody color for me, hot pink is something I always pick up whether I'm going to the grocery or to a party. It's a fun and happy shade, a lot more user-friendly than one would care to think. 

Speaking of hot pinks, I recently acquired the Shiseido Rouge Lacquer in Disco / RS404 (P1,250). It's a glossy, super bright blue-based pink that makes my teeth look so white! No kidding, you'll see it later. I also like the formula of this liquid lipstick even though it's not perfect. It's moisturizing, doesn't flake, and lasts a decent amount of time (3-4 hours depending on whether I eat or drink). It's solid in one dip but I prefer to dip twice to get the maximum opacity and brightness.

Shiseido's Rouge Lacquer leaves a faint but even stain when it fades away. It doesn't truly dry or sink into the lips, I think, which is why it's moisturizing even without a lip balm. In fact, I would advise against using a balm since it will just make the formula bleed more.

Yes, it bleeds. It's ideal to wear a lip pencil before application, but if I were to be 100% honest with you, I would say that I like the fact that it bleeds! Weird eh? The bleeding isn't really messy or directionless. It follows the contour of my lips - surprisingly! - so after a couple of hours my lips actually look fuller and bigger but not in a fake way. I wish I got to take a photo!

White teeth, check. Pro-tip: Wear blue-based, bright lip colors to make your teeth look whiter. ;)

All in all, the formula of the Shiseido Rouge Lacquer is perfectly adequate. There are other better liquid lipsticks out there but then again I bought it for the color. I saw the other more wearable shades (nudes, roses, and pinks) and my dears, they're gorgeous! You should check them some time. ;)

What's your ultimate hot pink lip color?