How to curl your eyelashes correctly

A great eyelash curler can unlock possibilities that you didn't even know existed for your lashes. There are a lot of options at different price points but get one that fits your unique eyes best! I recommend investing in an expensive lash curler if you can, since it's something that'll last you for years.

Shiseido's is currently my favorite one because it accommodates my big eyes better, plus (I forgot to mention this in the review) the brand sells the pad refills. It's the easiest lash curler for me to use since the flatter rim allows me to angle it to the sides of my eyes; thus, they splay out nicer even without the aid of mascara.

I thought of doing a short tutorial to sho you how to maximize your eyelash curler (particularly this one from Shiseido)! Enjoy!

Step 1: Curl near your lash roots. Try to grab as much hair as possible in this first press! The purpose is to give the lashes that instant lift.

Step 2: Move the curler about 1/3rd up the length of your lashes. Angle it towards your eyes then press hard. This will give you a nice, sloping curl versus a crimped, stiff one. 

Step 3: Move the curler to the inner side of your eyes. Angle it to fit the lid, then press. Some companies sell mini-curlers for this purpose but I think that's a waste of money! You can reach your inner hair with the right (full-sized) curler and technique. 

Step 4: Move the curler over to the outer side of the eyes. Angle, then press. This is the best way to achieve up-turned, splayed out lashes like a cat's. ;)

So there you go! Hope you found this tutorial useful! You can check out my full review of the Shiseido Eyelash Curler here if you're interested.