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Complete swatches + review: the Maybelline Pink Alert Lipsticks

Complete swatches + review: the Maybelline Pink Alert Lipsticks

Pink is one of my favorite colors. I like it bright and scorching hot, please, since no other color lights up my face the way it does. I'll try to cook up a list of my best pinks soon! For today, check out some of the newest lipsticks from a top drugstore brand: the Maybelline Pink Alert Lipsticks (P399).



There's something different about this recent release. It's the same packaging as your typical Colorsensational lippie, and it's a given that all the colors are all impressive. The formula, however, is noticeably better than the last batch of Maybelline lipsticks I reviewed. It's less streaky for one. The staying power is also considerably improved, at 4-5 hours even with drinking and a bit of eating! 



The lippie glides on smoothly, like butter, but after a few seconds it sets into this long wearing coat of color. It will fade (evenly), but it'll take a while before it would condescend to move. Amazing. It transfers minimally and doesn't get wiped off after a meal. 

It's not drying for me, but you might want to apply a bit of balm first if you have dry lips.

Overall, the Maybelline Pink Alert lipsticks offer good wear-time and pigmentation! Now let's get on to the best part - the colors. Here are my full lip swatches and notes!


POW2/4 are reddish and warmer, while POW1/3 are bluer and cooler


POW1 is a cute bubbglegum pink. It has a bluish undertone and is quite light, but it's not pastel at all. It's still wearable even on my medium skin! Such a standout shade. It's not common in drugstore brands.


POW3 is pinker and slightly warmer than POW3. If you're a yellow toned medium-going-on dark, this is the more ideal color. This is also fabulous on fair skin!


POW2 is a pretty bright pink, but it's a common color. Nothing special, compared to the other three shades.


And here's the best for last! POW4 is a gorgeous coral-toned hot pink that should suit more skin tones. It's a fresh color that just squees summer, and it's so fun to wear! I keep glancing at myself in the mirror whenever I have it on. If you can only get one shade from this collection, POW4 is The One.

If you're feeling a more bubblegummy pink though, POW3 is a great choice. ;)


So there you go! Hope you enjoyed the review and swatches. What's your fave out of the four? High five if you're a hot pink lipstick lover too!


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