Etude House Dear My Blooming Nails in #3

Last May I saw Agoo Bengzon (Summit's beauty director) in an Instagram photo wearing gorgeous hot pink nails. I thought, "Damn! I bet that's Chanel or something equally expensive!" The color stuck to my head for a couple of days. On the third day (I kid you not) a box from Korea arrived on my doorstep with almost that exact same nail polish color in it. What a happy coincidence!

The Etude House Dear My Blooming Nails in #3 (P178) is a hot pink shade that sizzles without being neon. It has a very smooth, very glossy finish that's characteristic of Etude House polishes. I can not believe it's only P178; it feels much more expensive than that.

The formula is opaque in one coat and dries fairly fast (around 20 minutes). It doesn't streak.The brush is also easy to work with so I don't get that many mistakes when I paint this on.

I guess the only downside is that this chips within two days without a proper topcoat. But then, most nail polishes do that!

Overall, the Etude House Dear My Blooming Nails in #3 has a great formula and looks absolutely fantastic on the nails. If you're looking for a great hot pink, there's no need to turn to Chanel or other expensive brands. ;)

By the way, this polish actually has a matching lipstick, so if you want that added flair, get the lippie too! It also has a nice formula.

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