Hot pink is forever: the CoverGirl Lip Perfection in Bombshell Explosion

Sometimes we get so focused on our long-term goals that we allow a lot of things to fall by the wayside. The things we love, the small stuff that makes us happy, the people that matter, they are easy to shed when we need to in search of bigger dreams. But isn't life also about the things that we have that are precious to us, and not only about the things we will cherish when we finally have them?

I hope that makes sense. :) Anyway, today I want to talk about yet another gorgeous hot lipstick that CoverGirl just came out with. It's called the Lip Perfection in Bombshell Explosion (~P500). This is a neon bright, blue-based hot pink lipstick that will require a couple of big balls to wear. It's fun though!

This is something that I feel lipstick connoisseurs will appreciate. It's bright but somehow it doesn't look garish. It looks modern and would pair well with understated eyes, big lashes, and a bit of contouring. 

The Lip Perfection formula is quite smooth and hydrating, with a juicy, glossy finish that makes lips look plumper and less lined. You need to layer a couple of times to get 100% opacity as it has this wet texture which doesn't make it particularly long-wearing. Expect a stain, but the actual product will fade in about three hours. 

Overall not a bad formula. It's thin and comfy to wear, reminiscent of Korean lipsticks.

And here's what it looks like when worn!I just have a glittery black eyeliner on, a rosy bronzer, and loads of mascara. The lipstick is so bright already and does not need any more setting up.

So there you go. ^_^ How's your weekend shaping up? Any fun things to do?