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Lovelier than a bouquet of roses: The Aerin Garden Rose Eau De Cologne

Yesterday I was at the mall with my partner James when we passed through a flower bazaar. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and, being ever practical, he told me to pick a bouquet I like so we can have it delivered. I’ve always loved his Valentine’s flowers but I’ve struggled with preserving them properly. At the showcase yesterday, there were beautiful freeze-dried roses that came in a box. “Those would be such pretty home accents!” said my equally practical self. But the price tags were mildly shocking. Some cost as much as P14,000 a box!

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Three colognes to try

Do you wear colognes? I rarely do these days because I prefer eau de toilettes due to the better staying power and more complex selections available. Nonetheless, I still appreciate a nice cologne especially if it's affordable. They're perfect for young women who want to smell fresh and pretty without spending a lot of money for a bottle! Colognes don't last very long since they are alcohol-based, but you can just chuck them in your bag and spray as much and as often as you need to. 

I recently came across three colognes that I think you (or your younger niece and cousin) would enjoy. ^_^ I love how effervescent, sweet, and young these scents are. They're just perfect for tweens in elementary and high school, teens in college, and working girls just starting out in their careers. Check 'em out!

Pure n Fresh is known best for personal hygiene products, but a couple of months ago the brand ventured into scents for tweens. Tropical Splash, Blush Berry, and Tangerine Delight are bright colognes that feature luscious fruity combinations. Tangerine Delight is citrusy with mandarin, orange, and apple notes; Blush Berry is sweet with strawberry, pear, and apple blossom; while Tropical Splash is soft and creamy with apricot and peach. 


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Snoe Body Spritz in Honey Dew Melon Yogurt

The name of this product cracks me up. Get this: according to the label, it is the Snoe Body Ritual Recipes Scrumptious Body Spritz in Honey Dew Melon Yogurt (P249). The person who thought of the name is a sigurista, that is, he or she definitely wants to cover all the bases when it comes to naming things. :P 

Kiddng aside, I like this cologne. It smells of sweet melon candy, with a touch of the creaminess of yogurt. Lasting power is not too bad for a cologne at two to three hours too.

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Majolica Majorca Majoromantica scent in Fruity Forest

Once the novelty of the gel formula and wand applicator wore off, I started to look at the new Majolica Majorca Majoromantica scent in Fruity Forest (P995) with a more critical eye. Does it have good staying power? Is it all cute and no substance?

What it is: Fruity Forest is a strong scent with juicy fruits as top notes, floral as the mid notes, and sugary sweetness as its base notes. It assaults the senses as soon as you pull the wand out, but it mellows down quickly as it spreads on your skin and dissipates in the air. Fruity Forest is part of Majo's latest collection called Fake Sleeping.

Lasting power: The wand is designed to apply the gel cologne on your pulse points (on the wrists, behind the ear, base of the throat, back of the knees). Doing so allows the scent to heat up and stay longer. However, I find that the fragrance is completely gone from my skin in three hours - not surprising, because this is not even an EDT, it's a cologne.

I did discover something else though.

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Acqua Colonia: nature in a bottle

There are fragrances for when you want to feel sexy, sweet, professional, glamorous, masculine or just plain clean - name it, and there's probably a scent for that! I never paid much attention to fragrances before, until I got to review a few of them for my blog. I think that scents can help create a good mood and accentuate your personal style. They're like a gorgeous pair of earrings or a statement necklace; your outfit looks fine without them, but once you have them on, they make a lot of difference! For scents, the difference doesn't lie in what we can see, but what we can smell and feel.

Acqua Colonia's specialty as a scent is to capture the essence of nature and use it to invigorate, stimulate, and relax the wearer. There are four variants available in the Philippines: Lemon & Ginger, the best seller, Vetyver & Bergamot, Melissa & Verbena, and Royal Riesling, which is what I have.

This cheerful fragrance is a tribute to the Riesling grape. It is the queen of white wine grapes and is considered to be the most precious type in the world. It is said to have euphoriant effects. 

According to Wikipedia, riesling is "an aromatic grape variety displaying flowery, almost perfumed, aromas". Indeed, Acqua Colonia's Royal Riesling variant has a light, sharp floral scent as a top note. It mellows down to a powdery, musky smell as it melts on your skin.

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