How to smell fresh even when you've just been rained on

There’s no denying that summer is officially over and the rainy season has taken its place. We aren't quite in mourning, however, for who doesn’t love the cooler breeze, the relaxing sound of rain drops tapping against the window, and the opportunity to finally don that jacket that’s been mouldering in your closet? “Cuddle weather” sounds really cute, but when you get caught in a sudden downpour or your umbrella breaks while you're out, the sight (and smell) of you and your drenched clothes is pretty much the opposite of cute and cuddle-worthy.

Don’t fret - we’ve got you covered! Assuming you've weather-proofed your makeup, you can rock that wet hair look and smell like you just came out of the shower.

Tip #1: Get dry immediately and don't let the damp seep into your clothes and hair further

To be clear, you won't catch a cold or get a fever from being wet (that's only communicable by germs) but it can chill you and add to your misery. More importantly, the smell of damp clothes can be very off-putting! Pack a small towel or tissues in your purse so you can pat your clothes dry. Check nearby rest rooms for a hand dryer and use that to quickly blast your clothes, assuming you're able to do so in private of course!

Keeping a hair dryer in your office drawer is always a good idea if you have a spot where you can use it. 

Tip #2: There’s nothing “baby” about baby colognes

If there’s one thing I learned in my four years at college, a light scent is often more useful than a bottle of perfume. Aside from being packed in more durable plastic containers, colognes have a gentler scent that allow you to spray liberally on damp items that you can't dry completely. Perfumes have heavy scents that usually don't mix well with existing bad odors, so that may actually worsen your Eau De Basang Sisiw. I also find colognes more refreshing because they remind me of that clean, after-shower aroma!

Tip #3: Wet wipes and spray-on alcohol are your BFFs

Where there’s rain, there’s mud. And where there’s mud, there’s a muddy mess. Were you really wearing brown flats earlier? Just because your shoes are closest to the ground doesn’t mean you should leave them to the elements, or the remains of a rainy run.  Having a pack of wet wipes on hand ensures that when you’ve finally found shelter from the storm, you can quickly sanitize both your feet and your muddy shoes. Spray them with alcohol, too, to further keep bacteria from growing in your footwear.

Tip #4: Choose scented hair products that won't easily wash out

Find hair cleansers with a scent that lasts all day long to help make you smell less like a rained-on victim and more like a fresh-from-the-shower goddess. Thankfully it's easy to find them in drugstores. We adore the Pantene 3-Minute Conditioner in particular as its lovely scent really latches onto our hair.

You can also lightly scent your hair with cologne or any of your favorite perfumes. Just spritz overhead then walk under to get a light mist. 

Tip #5: Bring extra clothes

It may seem like an inconvenience, but keeping an extra top or sweater on hand may just save you 15-20 minutes drying yourself off in the bathroom. Raid your closet for a lightweight, wrinkle-free top that you can pack into your bag or stash at your desk. And make sure to have a plastic bag as well, so you can store wet clothing without fear of getting moisture on your other belongings.

Do you hate the smell of damp things, too? What are your rainy day tips for staying and smelling fresh in spite of getting rained on?