Ten surprising ways to use perfume for your home, hair, and body

Spritzing on some perfume before heading out can instantly make you feel more glamorous and polished, even if you're just wearing a basic tee and jeans. That's because our favorite scents reflect something about our personality and help us achieve certain moods. And who doesn't feel more confident when you know you smell really good? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to enjoy your perfume in other ways? Here are a few new ideas on how to maximize your collection!

Amp up your bath water. If you bathe with a pail and tabo or use a bathtub, you can add a few drops of perfume to scent your bath water. Not only will you be fragrant before you even leave your bathroom, your aromatic bath will feel like a luxe, pampering session.

Make your own perfumed lotion. Most perfumes have a lotion variant if you buy the set, but why spend extra when you can DIY? Mix a small amount of unscented or lightly scented lotion with few drops of your perfume before applying. The lotion will help your perfume stick to your body and make it last longer, too!

Spray it on your hairbrush. Some gals spray perfume directly on their locks but coming in contact with the alcohol can your dry hair out. Apply the scent to your hairbrush instead and wait for a few seconds to allow the alcohol to evaporate before brushing your hair. This will leave hair smelling fragrant without the damage.

Make your own deodorant. Haven't found a deo that actually keeps you smelling fresh? Mix some rubbing alcohol with a few drops of liquid vitamin C, and apply to your underarms with a cotton pad. Then spritz on your favorite perfume to top it off.

Use it as a linen spray. Before trying this trick, first check if your perfume leaves oil stains on on cloth by applying a little in a less noticeable area and allowing it to dry. If it doesn't leave any marks, go ahead and spray it on your curtains and bedsheets!. You can also give your mattress a few spritzes. 

Create your own heat-activated scent. Carefully spray a bit of perfume on a light bulb while off, taking care not to get any moisture near the electric base. When you switch on the light, the heat will activate the scent.

Pre-scent your clothes. This is a good trick to follow if you're constantly rushing and prone to forgetting to apply perfume when you go out. Spray a few cotton balls with perfume, put them in a pouch, and stick the bundle in your closet. If you have fabric-covered hangers, you can spray on them before hanging up your clothes. You can also line your drawers with paper sprayed with perfume. And if you use a clothes dryer, skip the dryer sheets and toss in a scented cotton handkerchief mid-cycle instead.

Use it for your humidifier. Combine water with a few drops of your favorite scent and wait for the aroma to fill up the room!

Make your own scent diffuser. Take a glass container, pour in some carrier oil (almond, avocado and virgin coconut oil are popular choices), then mix in a few drops of your favorite scent. Place some reed sticks in the container.

Deodorize stinky shoes and bags. Spray perfume on a business card or a cotton handkerchief and insert it into shoes and gym bags. This works for your handbag, too!

If you've amassed quite a perfume collection, this is a great way to use them up before they start to go bad. They usually only have a lifespan of three to five years before the scent starts to disintegrate and turn rancid, so you may as well put them into good use and enjoy their fragrance all over your home. You can also acquire perfume oils from a supplier if you want to save!

Got other uses for your perfumes? Do share them in the comments!