The story of how I lost 2cm off my arms after 30 minutes at Marie France

When I was younger I thought I'd never want to go under a procedure to be thinner or prettier. I thought I can just work out and eat well, and somehow, that would be enough. That's largely true, actually. I play tennis three to four times a week, plus I have a fairly low carb and sugar intake. I am pretty happy with my body now. For my personal health and job requirement, I am interested in keeping myself as fit and tight as I can given my resources and schedule.

My complicated relationship with my arms

However, my arms have always been a source of anxiety even when I was still a teenager. They have always been abundantly fleshy and disproportionately large compared to the rest of my body! I can't wear sleeveless tops because I end up looking larger than I really am. It's just so unfair. I feel an internal rage building up whenever I shop and see all these pretty sleeveless clothes mocking me.

There is hope

So when Marie France asked me to try their latest slimming treatment, I said yes immediately. The  Thermo Magnetic Pulse or TMP is US FDA-approved technology that delivers fat reduction, skin tightening, body contouring, and cellulite smoothening in just one treatment. It's designed to reach into the deep layers of the skin, targeting fat deposits and thermally breaking down fat cells which then exit the body via natural processes. It also tightens the skin as it triggers the regeneration of new collagen and elastin. 

Sounds expensive? Think again. It's P8,700 per 30 minutes in one body area (that's for both arms already). They guarantee a minimum of 2cm off the area after just one treatment, and you can avail of it again the week after. You can keep on going for it until you're happy with the shape of your body part.

So did the TMP work?

Omg, YES. You know I always try beauty procedures with a cynical attitude. Maybe something would change, but the results would fade away after a week or so. But the TMP is the real deal. It works by heating up fat and then breaking it down with strong vibrations coming from the machine. The fat will then exit through your liver so you might feel you need to go potty more often the first few days.

My arms measured 34cm before the treatment; after, it was 32 cm. The wand was hot on my skin but not unbearably so. I chose to have my inner arms done as they've become rather saggy over the years. They also have these tiny sort of fatty masses like cellulite! Ugh. The machine melted all of that away and I got slimmer arms immediately. For real. The "After" picture below was taken a week and a half after! This is to show that the fat actually stays away.

My arm waa quite red after the treatment but it was manageable 

My arm waa quite red after the treatment but it was manageable 

Do note that you will feel some soreness after the treatment. Your body part has been pummeled after all! But this went away after two days. My skin was so red afterwards and I thought it might bruise, but none of that happened. I was back in the tennis court after two days of resting.

Will I do it again?

Someone saw me after the treatment wearing a tight t-shirt, and she said, "Liz, your arms look so toned!" I was like, "Did you see my post about Marie France on IG?" Thinking she's just trying to make me bola. She said, "No! I haven't been on Instagram." I believe her. She doesn't go online much, I've noticed.

So yes, I will definitely go back to get another session of TMP soon! It's worth the discomfort and soreness, as I can observe immediate results that don't magically disappear. In the meantime I will continue working out and eating right, of course. It's just that it's nice to get a little electronic help too!

Thoughts? Would you go through a procedure like TMP Legacy?

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