Majolica Majorca Majoromantica scent in Fruity Forest

Once the novelty of the gel formula and wand applicator wore off, I started to look at the new Majolica Majorca Majoromantica scent in Fruity Forest (P995) with a more critical eye. Does it have good staying power? Is it all cute and no substance?

What it is: Fruity Forest is a strong scent with juicy fruits as top notes, floral as the mid notes, and sugary sweetness as its base notes. It assaults the senses as soon as you pull the wand out, but it mellows down quickly as it spreads on your skin and dissipates in the air. Fruity Forest is part of Majo's latest collection called Fake Sleeping.

Lasting power: The wand is designed to apply the gel cologne on your pulse points (on the wrists, behind the ear, base of the throat, back of the knees). Doing so allows the scent to heat up and stay longer. However, I find that the fragrance is completely gone from my skin in three hours - not surprising, because this is not even an EDT, it's a cologne.

I did discover something else though. This cologne can last up to 8 hours if you apply it on - wait for it - your clothes! It evaporates when you dab it on skin, but on clothes, the gel sort of becomes a dry patch on fabric and stays there until you wash it. It's inconspicuous (unless you're wearing fabric that shows wet spots) because the gel is completely clear. It's not red, the bottle it comes in is just tinted.

How I wear it: It only takes one dip to perfume myself - a dab on each wrist and behind the ears, and then I deposit the remaining product on my clothes (shoulders and neckline). Voila! I smell like candy all day.

Verdict: I find the Majoromantica a neat product that's travel-friendly, economical when it comes to usage, and long-lasting if used correctly. If you're into sweet fruity florals then you should definitely give this one a whiff. ;)