Majolica Majorca launch at Opus, Resorts World

I try not to go to too many events lately because I do have work and I want to spend my free time just relaxing. But when Majolica Majorca calls, you know it, I'm there! It's one of my favorite makeup brands right now (if you haven't noticed yet, hehe) so I wanted to show my support.

The event happened last Wednesday at Opus, Resorts World. The set up was quite enchanting, as if the guests stepped inside another world. Take note, it was 3pm in the middle of a work week! The Majo team really transformed the space - it was quite an achievement ha. I'll just let the photos speak for themselves.

An installation by Tina Daniac is the first thing we saw upon entering

The beautiful and talented Bianca Valerio hosted the event

Teenage models wearing dresses by Tina Daniac

The Luxe Asia team with Majolica Majorca's Japanese creators

The display

Gorgeous table setting

Roanne and Kira

Cathy of Majolica

Bianca Valerio is awesome

Majo Majo also took the opportunity to introduce their latest "chapter" (that is, collection) called Fake Sleeping. It's a three-piece collection, but it features products I've never come across before.

Majoromantica Fruity Forest scent (P995). It's a gel-type cologne that you apply with a wand to your pulse points. Neat!

Aurora Tear Eyeliner (P595). It's an eyeliner with 3d shimmers that can be applied on the inner corner of the eyes and on the tips of your lashes to give that twinkle to your look. It comes in two variants: Clear Aurora Blue Sparkles and Clear Love Pink Sparkles.


And so that's what happened. Thanks to Cathy of Luxe Asia for inviting me to this event!