The Ultimate Wear Test: Three days with K-Palette’s Lasting Eyebrow Tint Pen

I’ve tried quite a lot of brow products over the years, and some of my former faves have since been replaced with newer releases. Even so, K-Palette’s Lasting Eyebrow Liner remains my pick for eyebrow pens! And I’m in good company, because even beauty and fashion icon Heart Evangelista packs it in her makeup kit.

Eyebrow tints have an added appeal to a busy working mom like me, so I was happy when K-Palette released their Lasting Eyebrow Tint. Who wouldn’t want to have gorgeous brows for five whole days? I loved the idea behind a peel-off eyebrow tint, but my non-professional makeup skills had difficulty maneuvering the applicator for precise coloring. I also found that while I enjoyed my Angry Bird brows after applying the product, they scared off my kids and the neighbors LOL.


So when Liz reviewed their new Lasting Eyebrow Tint Pen (P845), I was excited! She liked the results she got, but noted that it’s possible to get more mileage (up to three days of wear) if it were used on brows completely free of skincare and makeup. I was only too happy to put it through a 3-day, no-retouch wear test. Can this be the product that can fill that empty “eyebrow tint” space in my makeup arsenal? 


The Wear Test

The Lasting Eyebrow Tint Pen is currently available in three shades: 02 Natural Brown, 03 Mocha Brown, and 04 Grayish Brown. I swatched both Natural Brown and Mocha Brown on the inside of my arm, and chose Mocha Brown for my brows, since that’s the shade I use with their regular Lasting Eyebrow Liner. I placed the arm swatches to see if the Tint Pens would perform differently on skin that is just washed with soap (arm) versus double-cleansed skin (face).

Bare brows

Bare brows

I prepped my face as I normally would with skincare and makeup, carefully steering clear of my brow area, of course. I love how easy the Tint Pen was to use! It’s just like my beloved Lasting Eyebrow Liner, with a bendy, pointed tip that deposits uniform color precisely. In just a few minutes, I was able to finish application for both of my brows!

I was happy with how gradually the eyebrow tint pigment wore off. It turned into a reddish brown by Day 2, and a dark reddish blonde by Day 3. Still, the color is still undeniably there—it looks worn off, particularly at the edges, but does not look patchy or unnatural.

On my arm, I swatched Natural Brown above Mocha Brown. After just one shower, the color had significantly faded. I daresay the tint fared better on my brows, which surprised me as I double-cleanse with cleansing oil and a low-pH facial wash. By Day 3, they looked like concealer swatches. Even so, the colors are still visible!


  • Very easy to use. If you liked using K-Palette’s Lasting Eyebrow Liner, the Tint Pen applies and performs pretty much the same, but stays on for much longer!

  • Delivers on its 3-day wear promise

  • Looks natural on the brows

  • Neat, leak-proof packaging makes retouches easy anytime, anywhere


  • There’s no way to tell if the product is about to run out so it’s wise to keep a back-up ready

  • Color changes as it fades


Of all the eyebrow tint products I’ve tried, I can honestly say that K-Palette’s Lasting Eyebrow Tint Pen fits my needs the most. It’s convenient, easy to use, and most importantly, it really works! It’s something I think most, if not all makeup enthusiasts can use. Finally, we have something that will not slide off our brows in this humid weather! I think this could even survive the outdoors and being in the pool or the beach. Even athletes can have camera-ready brows while sweating through their matches. I personally am excited to pack this on our next family trip, as this would definitely cut my prep time effectively. Plus, I’ll be sure my brows would look great in all our photos!

Convinced? Get your K-Palette Lasting Eyebrow Tint Pen for only P845 at the Beauty Box website, or in stores nationwide. Get the cute hand mirror in the photo above for FREE with every purchase (online and in-store while stocks last) of P2,500 and above!