Look: What's in Heart Evangelista-Escudero's makeup kit?

The makeup kit you stuff in your bag is the distilled essence of your beauty philosophy. It's the best representation of how you choose enhance your looks. You might think nothing of it, but your kit is the result of weeks, months, and even years of learning and re-learning techniques according to the context of your needs. This is why I don't take kikay kits lightly. Heck, I even curate one to help you along! 

When I got to interview Heart Evangelista-Escudero recently, I had to ask her if I could take a peek into her Hermes makeup pouch. She was so nice about it and even laid the items out for the photo! As you can see, her kit has some excellently-chosen, universally flattering colors capable of surviving our tropical weather. She doesn't bring skin bases, which makes sense because her skin is amazing already, and prefers to control shine with powdered blotting paper instead (not in the pictures). She focuses on her eyes, cheeks, and lips with a few choice items. Here they are!

1. K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner in Brown Black. Heart says she loves K-Palette products because they wear well on her. Interesting choice - she has Brown Black instead of the usual black eyeliner. It's softer but it brings out the brown of the eyes without being as harsh as black.

2. K-Palette Real Lasting Eyebrow in 02. For someone who is famous for having envy-worthy brows, Heart uses a variety of products to achieve her fleeky arches. She adored the Happy Skin Bullseye Brow Trio (which she mentioned in the interview) along with the K-Palette liquid formula. Then...

3. Gimme Brow (new formula). She brushes up her brows to achieve that bushy effect with Benefit's brow mascara. She has the new version which we reviewed here.

4. Happy Skin Lip & Cheek Mousse in Fall In Love. Heart showed how used up the product is already - as in it's almost gone! If you guys haven't tried this yet, well, you oughta. This is a fantastic color and also one of my top faves from Happy Skin.

5. Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Matte Lip Liner in Skinny Dipping. This serves as a great base for Fall In Love as it's the same undertone and it'll make the liquid lippie stay on FOREVER. Swatches and review here.

6. Benefit Ready, Set, Brow! This new Benefit product is a colorless setting mascara for the brows, but don't take it lightly - this is amazing! I've tried it in person and it makes your brow makeup look so pro. Heart uses it as a final touch to her brow look!

7. Sephora Angled Brush. Heart likes this for applying her blush.

8. NARS Blush in Deep Throat. This lovely, cult fave shade is a staple in Heart's kit since it perfectly flatters her skin.

9. Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler. Instead of brushing on mascara daily, Heart curls her lashes to look awake and fresh.

10. Vaseline Lip Therapy. Our pretty celeb says she's not specific about the brand she uses for hydrating her lips, but currently she has Vaseline in her kit.

Hope you enjoyed this little peek!


  • Which of the products above do you also have in your kit?
  • Which celebrity's kikay kit are you dying to see?