Five different eyeliner styles for girls with monolids

For someone who’s part of a team exposed to the latest beauty trends, I’m admittedly no rebel when it comes to my eye makeup. I tend to stick to the basics for practicality’s sake because I already have an idea of exactly which liner technique flatters my monolid eyes. But hey, it's always a good idea to broaden my horizons and learn more about applying eyeliner. It might come in handy on days when I'm feeling more experimental!

If, like me, you’ve always wanted to wear fun eyeliner but feel intimidated by the fancy ones you see online, don't let that get you down! Here are the five basic liner styles that may soon be part of your makeup repertoire.

Invisible Liner

No-makeup makeup isn’t merely about going lighter on the bases and dabbing a touch of rouge. The proper way to execute it is to use all the products you usually do, but with nude shades and a subtler application technique. So for that invisible eyeliner trick, it’ll just be like connect-the-dots but with your lashes. Koreans love to do this since they're not too crazy about uber thick eyeliners for everyday!

How: Dot light strokes directly on the base of the lashes on the upper lid and don’t go beyond that. It's best to use a long-wear liquid liner here because a fine-tipped brush makes it easier to get between the hairs and the formula is less likely to smear. 

Try: Brush-tipped liners are best for this technique since you don't want to accidentally poke your eyes with a hard object. Go for the K-Palette Real Lasting Liner and Kanebo Dual Eyeliner (out in Japan this October, out next year in the Philippines, sorry! It's super good though.)


If you wanna get in there deep, nothing beats the close definition of waterlining. This is basically the same principle as tightlining (eyeliner right on the skin of the upper lids), except it's applied to your lower lids instead. If you use a dark liner (as I did above), the two techniques can give your eyes into an intense, sultry stare. Use a nude or white eyeliner to make eyes look bigger and well-rested.

How: Look up and pull your lower lid gently. Use a creamy, waterproof product to line the area. Otherwise, the dampness of your waterline will simply cause your liner to migrate to other areas! 

Try: Eye of Horus Goddess Eye Pencil in Sahara Nude and Etude House Play 101 Pencil in #0

Classic Liner

The no-frills application for eyeliner, this is simply applied on and above the lashline. It follows the curve of the eye all the way to the outer corner and doesn’t extend beyond that. You can adjust the thickness of the line, depending on preference and the size of the eyelid fold. If this is your go-to look, you can make it a little more exciting by swapping your brown or black liner for a more colorful one!

How: From the inside corner of your eye going out, apply a liner up to the outer corner of your eyes. You're going for a natural look so don't extend further than you need to. Don't worry is the first line isn't immediately perfect; you can come back to add another straighter layer for that intense line.

Try: Pencils are great for this look! We recommend the Sleek Makeup Eau Lala Liner in Noir. We listed more under P500 finds here.

Winged or Cat Eye

That slight upward curve is makes your lashes look instantly thicker and more lush, even without mascara! That's why these styles are favorites for a little something out of the ordinary. If you're confused about what's what, that's understandable because the difference is quite subtle.

With the cat eye, the upward flick softly curves outward as an extension of the outer corner of the eye. Imagine the narrowed eyes of a feline! Winged eyeliner looks somewhat more angular, as it sharply curves up and out in a triangular shape. - like a wing. If your eyes are hooded or monolid like mine, you can even do a look that's a cross between the two since the steps are pretty much the same.

How: Start by drawing a Classic Liner look then when you get to the outer corner of the eye, extend the line a bit to create a flick. Connect the tip of the flick to the liner on your upper lid, either in a straight line for a winged look or with a slight curve for a more feline impression.

Try: Felt-tip and rubber-tip liners are fantastic at this type of look. They offer more control and a stiffer pointed tip that allows you to draw the shape more precisely. We love the Browhaus Precision Liner and the Benefit They're Real Push-Up Liner.

Rounded Liner

Some girls avoid eyeliner for fear that it makes them look mataray. I can't blame them as we do describe these looks as "fierce". But you can create a softer eye with a rounded liner technique as the lack of sharply-defined edges reveals a more innocent, youthful look.

How: On the upper lid, start applying the liner from the halfway point going towards the edge. Follow the lid to the end without making any flicks, then extend the line to the lower lid. Only line the outer edge of the lower lid and only about a third of the way. Smudge the ends for a more natural transition.

Try: Same with classic eyeliner - go for pencils! Get ones with a smudger at the end or keep a cotton bud handy for that sexy smudgy finish. 

As simple as they look, it can take a while to master creating a line that's straight, smooth and even. It definitely helps to anchor your elbow against the top of a table and gently resting your drawing hand against your chin for added stability. My personal favorites are the invisible and rounded styles, since I just want my lashes to look thicker at the base and give my eyes a bigger, rounder appearance.

Let us know which liner style is your fave, and:

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