I tried Heart Evangelista’s favorite lash extensions at NÉW Lounge Salon

I’m usually willing to try anything once but one beauty procedure I’ve held back on is lash treatments. I’ve been scared of getting anything done to my lashes because they might damage my eyes and maybe even cause permanent blindness in the worst case scenario. To enhance my eye makeup game, I’ve been making do with a good lash curler and hoarding my fave P600 Japanese mascara. But let’s be honest: no amount of curling or mascara applications will ever result in a look like Sam’s fabulous lashes!


Since I have a special event to attend soon, I decided it was time to pluck up my courage and try out lash extensions. Just in time, we were invited to try the NÉW Lounge salon in Mother Ignacia, Quezon City which offers eyelash and nail services. They even have a Mobile Lash service that allows clients to get their lashes done in the comfort of their own home. Some of the salon’s famous clientele include Heart Evangelista, Angel Locsin, KC Concepcion, and Kim Chiu!

This is what I’m working with. My lashes are stick-straight but long and dark. After seeing botched lash jobs IRL, I had two requirements for good lash extensions. First, I didn’t want my lashes to look too curled because I don’t think it suits my hooded eyes. Second, it’s important that when the lashes do fall off, my eyes should still be natural-looking with no obvious gaps.

After a 10-minute briefing and consultation, the ladies at NÉW Lounge suggested I go for the Prominent Eyes under their Signature Volume Eyelash Extensions (P3,500). For first-timers like me, they recommended the C Curl with varying lash lengths of 10mm and 11mm.


I was led to one of the cushy-looking La-z-boys, and handed a soft, thick blanket so I wouldn’t get cold. Not gonna lie - I had barely started my treatment and I already felt like I was being pampered! 

My technician Angelica patiently answered all my questions about the procedure. She first removed my eye makeup, and cleaned my lids and the surrounding eye area. She applied tape to protect my skin from the glue and prevent me from accidentally opening my eyes before the procedure was over. Finally, she painstakingly glued each of the lash extensions (3 per individual lash)! I was surprised because I hadn’t quite realized how difficult this procedure can be. Angelica explained that application process can last up to 2 hours, especially if the client has sparse lashes. Mine took a total of 1.5 hours, including prep, drying, and cleanup. 

App 3.JPG

Immediately after the procedure, I came out expecting my eyes to be weighed down with glue and gunk. But lo and behold: I opened my eyes to find fabulous, perfectly-applied yet lightweight lashes! Angelica said they used sable hair, which was similar to human hair, hence its lightweight feel. 

I was instructed not wet my eyes for 2 to 3 hours after the procedure, and I had to use water-based makeup removers on the eye area to prolong the wear of the lashes. Any kind of oil (like our skin’s natural oils or my new fave the In Her Element Sunflower Wash-Off Cleansing Oil) will make the lash glue wear out faster.

Sam and Den previously shared that they had back-aching experiences when they had their lashes done at other salons, so I’m happy to report that I was so comfortable that I completely zoned out and almost took a nap!

It took me a day to get used to lash extensions but it was weirdly satisfying to feel my lashes flutter with a gust of wind. I didn’t find the lashes to be disruptive of the contact lenses I wear every day.

The day after the procedure, I woke up to find some lash pieces fallen on my cheeks. I had rubbed my eyes a bit because I wasn’t used to having such long lashes, even on the innermost corners. As in Sam’s experience, I also found out (the hard way) that applying eye drops and getting even watery eyes made my eyes sting like a bitch for a couple of seconds. If you cry a lot, think twice before getting extensions.

The only con for my pretty new lashes is the maintenance. I get slapdash about my skincare especially at night, and I like to use a sleeping mask to help me sleep. Since I really want to keep the extensions on for as long as I can, I have to be more careful with my habits, including ditching the sleeping mask.

After a week’s wear, I’m still quite happy with the extensions! While the sides of my eyes have less lashes, they still look good overall, and they don’t have awkwardly-spaced gaps. 


Now that I’ve finally tried them out, I can say that I would definitely get them again for special occasions. In fact, I’m planning to get them retouched for a wedding I have to go to! But like Den, I find that the upkeep is just too finicky for me so I’ll stick to using Heroine Make for regular days.

Would you try lash extensions? Or if you’ve tried them, would you get them again? Make sure to share your thoughts below!