3S Pre-Glued Lashes: The answer to the intimidated girl's prayer

What is your biggest makeup frustration? Mine would be false eyelashes! I adore how they make my eyes look even bigger and my wide face, narrower, but I still can't get the hang of applying them. Even something as simple as putting the right amount of glue daunts me! Very few things intimidate me this way.

I came across 3S Pre-Glued Lashes (P250) a year ago; even did a review! I like how they're so convenient to use. You just strip off the lashes from the base, cut the edges if they're too big for your eyes, and then slap them over your real lashes. It sounds so simple no? It is, but it would still need a bit of practice to perfect.

What I do is try to drop the lashes on the middle of my lash line, then carefully stick the two edges on starting from the mid-point. I'd need to do this right the first two times or else the glue of the 3S lashes would lose its stickiness.

Fierce eyes

I love this pair - It's called Majestic. There are 11 other designs to choose from!

They are admittedly expensive, but you can use them two times with the two glue strips included in the box. Then another two times with any lash glue. That's a total of four uses, which isn't a bad number at all. Just make sure to wash off the mascara and glue after each use!

Do try 3S Pre-Glued Lashes if you're off to a fancy event and need something to amp your look. ;) They're quite easy and convenient to use, perfect for girls who don't have time to muck about with glue-it-yourself lashes.

Back to the question: what is your biggest makeup frustration?