Capsule review: K-Palette 1-Day Magic Series

There's a deluge of brush-tipped eyeliners out in the market now, but just two years ago they were as rare to find as dragonflies in the city. K-Palette was the first brand that changed the way I think about and use eyeliners. Its popular liquid eyeliner has a long-wearing formula and a joy to use for different eye looks! Even if I've tried dozens of eyeliner since my "discovery", I still use K-Palette regularly. It's just that good.

That's why I was excited to try the new 1 Day Magic Series, a collection consisting of eyeliner, mascara, eyelid glue, and a blush/contour/eyeshadow palette. Here's what I think of each, minus the eyelid glue as I don't need it for myself. ^_^ Read up!

Let's begin with the 1 Day Magic Liquid Eyeliner (P695). I guess the most important question is: is this better than the original formula? YES, in the ways that matter most to me. The 1 Day Magic delivers a darker black, so no need to layer several times to get a solid line. It also has a new brush - flat on one side for when you need a thick line, pointed on another side for those fine lines. I think it's genius! This is a lot easier to use compared to the old eyeliner, which simply tapers from a rounded base to a fine point.

This eyeliner is also long-wearing and fades only minimally when worn for over eight hours. However, I find that when the weather is wet or extra humid, it tends to smudge a bit. Must be because of the blacker pigment? It's easy to wipe away though. During normal sunny weather it doesn't smudge at all.

Overall, the K-Palette 1 Day Magic Eyeliner is pretty good! I would continue to use it regularly. It creates the most gorgeous cat eyes with minimum effort. ^_^

Next up, the 1 Day Magic Fiber Mascara (P895). This is a double ended mascara with your normal black formula on one end and...cotton-like fluff on the other. What? At first I couldn't believe that putting white fluff on your lashes will actually work to neatly volumize them - but guys, it does! 

The best way to use it is to swipe one layer of the black mascara then pat on some fluff on the top and bottom side of your lashes. Then, add another swipe of black and voila, you get a thick fringe that won't budge throughout the day. I love hot this seems to multiply my lashes! In the pic below, my lashes look so lush when in reality they're not that many. I got maybe 30% more lashes here than without the fluff.

I swear I don't have this many lashes! Rendered the photo in black and white so you can see this miracle more clearly.

I swear I don't have this many lashes! Rendered the photo in black and white so you can see this miracle more clearly.

The fluff actually seems to dissolve and flatten out once it's "activated" by the black goop. How cool! It does have a tendency to clump a bit if you don't work quickly, just like any other mascara.

Like the eyeliner, the 1 Day Magic Fiber Mascara is reliable unless the weather is wet. It's great in hot weather, but once there's some rain and moisture, this smudges a bit. The smudging is reasonable as far as I'm concerned but it might be a problem if you have oilier lids and tearier eyes than mine.

I highly recommend this to those who want more lashes without resorting to falsies!

Fluff! By the way, you can easily remove this mascara with an oil-based makeup remover. It comes right off after a quick soak.

Fluff! By the way, you can easily remove this mascara with an oil-based makeup remover. It comes right off after a quick soak.

Finally we have here the K-Palette 1 Day Magic 3D Palette (P895). I love the idea of having a compact palette having two blush shades, a highlighter, and contour powder, plus a brush specifically designed for them. I love the idea that this can be used on both eyes and cheeks. The colors are pretty and versatile enough; they should work for most fair to medium-dark skin tones.

However, the color pay-off is so, so sheer. I can appreciate sheer products, but this is unreasonably sheer. I have to layer four to six times to get the powder to show up on my face. The highlighter is ironically the most pigmented but it sheers down after a bit of blending for a more natural finish.

Check out the thick swatches below! The contour powder gives the most color pay-off when used with the dense tiny brush that comes with the palette. The whole compact can fit in the palm of my hand, by the way, so imagine how small each segment is. Unless you're using an eyeshadow brush or one of those precision rounded face brushes, you wouldn't be able to fit in a regular brush.

Here's an FOTD wearing everything! I have the eyeliner, mascara, and 3D palette on. I used the palette as eyeshadow (highlighter shade + contour shade), nose contour, face contour, and blush. I think it's perfect for traveling but just be prepared to layer a lot. Otherwise, this would've been a winner.

So there you go. To summarize, you must try out the eyeliner if you love dramatic cat eyes, and the mascara if you want to magically multiply your lashes. ;) Let me know what you think!