A professional makeup artist's thoughts on Clinique's iconic moisturizer and blush

Last September 17, Clinique Philippines mounted this gorgeous event called Pink Oasis in Okada Manila. With it, they re-introduced the Clinique Moisture Surge 72-Hour Auto Replenishing Hydrator (P2650 for 50ml, at Rustans.) The Moisture Surge line has been so successful that several variants have come out, including an Intense variant.

I have previously tried the most basic variant, the Moisture Surge, through travel-sized gifts and have always enjoyed the lightweight hydration the gel format brings. The 72-hour Auto Replenishing Hydrator however, is a major step up! It still has the same lightweight gel format of the original formula, but this hardcore hydrator feels more “dosed” with hydration. I find myself having to use less product in comparison, while my skin feels even more fully plumped up. I’ve also used it under the makeup of several clients of all skin types, and loved that it didn’t pill or roll under different types of foundation.


My own skin is so dry that it cracks and dries up throughout the day, but I found this doesn’t happen at all whenever I use the 72-hour Auto Replenishing Hydrator. As a person with dry skin, I’m pretty used to feeling heavy or sticky when I load up on moisturizers, but my favorite part with the 72-hour Auto Replenishing Hydrator is how it feels like nothing at all!!!

The Clinique Cheek Pop on the Glow Trio Palette (P2350 for 10.5g, at Rustans) is a gorgeous iteration of the Clinique Cheek Pop. Cheek Pops are a great way to brighten up your day – the daisy press is just to die for, and I truly get a mood boost when I see and use this blush! Cheek Pops normally come in solo compacts, but this palette contains a mini trio featuring a light pink highlighting shade called Pearl Pop, a warm coral shade called Melon Pop, and a light orange shade called Sorbet Pop.

I’ve always enjoyed the extreme flexibility of Cheek Pops. They can be soft and sweet when applied with typical blush brushes, but they do build up into purer colors when applied with several layers or with a denser brush. Pearl Pop stands out to me as an amazingly natural highlighter. Its shine undoubtedly has presence, but the particles look like natural face oils as opposed to glitter, and I really love playing with such a texture!

Swatches, from left: Pearl Pop, Melon Pop, Sorbet Pop

Swatches, from left: Pearl Pop, Melon Pop, Sorbet Pop

The blushes have a pretty unique formulation - it feels like a creamy powder, but the print doesn’t really smoosh in as easily as most cream-powders do. In fact, it’s pretty rigid! The daisy design has stayed intact through much of my use, and has virtually zero kick-back. Sadly though, wear time is pretty average at about four hours, but this could be because I like to wear and apply Melon Pop and Sorbet Pop more thinly.

Let me know if you guys have tried these, and what you think!

Portrait photography by Rxandy Capinpin. Product photography by Jamie Mapagu.