My top 10 favorite finds last September

September marked my first time traveling to Singapore and my first legit watercolor workshop. After the crazy August I just had, it's nice to have some "me" time so to speak - doing stuff just for myself and not for clients. My work and my hobbies are so closely linked that it's sometimes hard to tell which is which as I do them, you know? But it's good to have boundaries. My client work pays the bills, but my passion projects feed my soul.

Anyway, here are my favorite products from last month. A few of them are "rediscoveries" of old loves. ^_^ Read up!

Since I'm enjoying good skin now, most of the time I stick to illuminators as base instead of liquid foundations or BB creams. My fave insta-skin brightener is the  Pixi Flawless Beauty Primer (P1,430 at Glamourbox). IT IS AWESOME YOU GUYS. I don't think I was able to communicate that properly in my review haha. I love the peachy-pink tint it has, and how it makes my skin glow! It's also hydrating. I didn't get any breakouts, as well.


Another fave, also from Pixi, is the Tinted Brilliance Balm in Baby Bare (P790). The peach shade is lovely and leaves a nice stain. It's my I-gotta-rush-right-NOW lippie since it's so easy to put on, and doesn't require a lot of maintenance during the day.

Even though I'm lazy with makeup lately, I still find time for my electric loud lippies.  The Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color in Electric Violet (P1,250) is one fine example! It's the kind of color that everybody never fail to ask about.

Dior is out of the budget at the moment, but the Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain (P650) is a good enough alternative. It's a bit fussier than I'd like since it needs a completely dry surface to adhere to, and needs to "set" to actually look decent, but it works as promised. I get pigmentation, a long-wearing stain, and hydrated lips with just one product. 

Bioderma was my favorite makeup remover around two years ago, but I've forgotten just how nice it is until I got my bottle of the Sebium Micellar Water (P1,290, coming soon in Watsons). I hate to say this, but it's better than Bifesta. It makes my skin helluva lot nicer compared to when I was using the Japanese brand!

The K-Palette 1 Day Magic Liquid Eyeliner (P695) is, in my opinion, a better version of the original K-Palette liquid liner. It has a brush that can create a wider variety of lines at less the effort, and the pigmentation is just waaaay better. Try this the next time you restock your K-Palette hoard!

If you're looking for the McGyver of eyeliners though, you must get your paws on the Etude House Play 101 Pencil (P~300). Depending on the color/s you get, this pencil can serve as blush, lipstick, primer for eyeshadows and lipsticks, or eyeliner. Neat huh? Just make sure to carefully blend this on your cheeks, and use lip balm on your lips first to make it glide on easier.

I like nice things, but I'm a cheapo at heart. ;) The Pixy Perfect Matte Two-Way Cake (P245) is a great example of inexpensive products working so well, they should cost more than what they're selling for! This offers mid to full coverage, an ultra-smooth finish, and decent staying power even on oily skin. Pixy is available in select Watsons branches.

I can maybe save on makeup, but not on a good haircut. Only JuRo Salon can give me the hair I want AND deserve. Yeah sounds like an ad but honestly they're the best hairdressers in Manila! I'm done experimenting with other salons. I'll just save up for my yearly visit to JuRo.

The Estee Lauder Modern Muse EDP (P2,600/30ml | P3,800/50ml) is my scent of the month. It's sexy, sophisticated, and quite versatile. ^_^ Give it a sniff one time!

And those are my top finds last September. What are yours?