Lipstick of the moment: Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color in Electric Violet

There's something about an in-your-face lipstick shade that forces people to look at you, not necessarily to like you, but to acknowledge your choice to express yourself that way. It's a kind of power. It's what makes lipsticks so fun and addicting!

I've been wearing mainly subdued MLBBS these past couple of months because they're just so easy. Too easy. It's like sinking into a comfortable chair that eventually swallows you up. However, when I got the Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color in Electric Violet (P1,250), my ardor for bright lipsticks was shocked back to life. It's just so...violet. Not the scary kind though, this is totally wearable!

I've already reviewed the Rich Lip Color formula here so I won't go into much detail, but quickly, this lipstick is opaque in one layer and stays on for 4-5 hours. It has a smooth, creamy texture, and a beautiful satin finish.

Electric Violet is (can we say this all together?) gorgeous. It's one of the five new shades in the Rich Lip Color line which was released last month, if I'm not mistaken. Electric Violet is not fuchsia nor purple although that was my first thought. I swatched it along with the closest shades I have in my collection so you'll see the difference.

The Revlon Shamless is decidedly purple, while Bobbi Brown Cosmic Raspberry is an extreme fuchsia pink. Notice the more bluish tone of Electric Violet, allowing it to sit somewhere between the two other colors.

Slightly related - the Happy Skin Lippie in Playing Footsie is similar to Cosmic Raspberry. ;)

And that is that. Let me know what you think of this electrifying lipstick! Have you swatched the other new shades of the Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color?