My top 10 favorite finds last January

Believing in something does not instantly make it true. Still, it's often beneficial to believe in anything that would keep you functioning at optimum level. Being optimistic can calm you down and keep you focused on the task at hand instead of wallowing and quitting when things get tough (as they always do).

Of course, good things won't just randomly happen to you. You have to set the stage for them, plant the seeds, feed the hens, etc. Anyway! Here's the monthly roundup of my best finds last January! I have a nice mix of affordable and high-end products here. 

Let's start with the Bobbi Brown Rich Caviar and Black Pearl Holiday Palettes. These are unfortunately limited edition, but thankfully Bobbi always comes out with new and exciting palettes. They're always wearable and chic at the same time so you really can't go wrong with one. :) I have oodles of neutral palettes but my Bobbi Browns are probably the most abused of them all!

Here's another must-have: the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette. This is a collection of six neutral shades that you can mix with each other or with your bright eyeshadows. It's a neat basic product that every eyeshadow lover would love to have. Looks boring, yes, but when you have it you'll be able to unlock your other hard-to-match eyeshadows. (Assuming you don't have something similar already okay!)

I love the warm-toned pink of the blush and the plummy pink pop of the lipstick from the Etude House Etoinette Special Kit. I'm digging the princess packaging too! It never hurts to inject cuteness in any everyday routine. 

Ahh, my favorite BB cream of them all: the Fairydrops Candy Bar BB Cream. It makes my face look flawless and airbrushed in person and on camera. It's really more of a sheer to medium coverage foundation, but it's the limited shade range (only two) that firmly anchors it in BB cream land. You must try it if one of the shades matches you!

The Benefit Fine One One is a lovely cheek color and highlighter in stick form. Yes it looks like a deodorant but you can't discount how incredibly convenient it is! Just twist and swipe and you're done! It's a gorgeous peachy pink shade that should flatter fair to medium skintones well. Get this if you don't wear much makeup but want to look fresh and glowy at all times.

Heavy coverage foundations are fantastic for shoots and events but they are rarely beautifying in person. They end up looking thick and cakey as the hours wear on. Well, not so with the Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup! This cream foundation actually looks better and more skin-like the longer you wear it! I would recommend this for troubled skin since it can cover most things you throw at it.

The new Charm Retractable Brushes are a godsend. The quality of the brush is amazing plus you can take it around anywhere; a must if you are forced to apply makeup out of the house or just simply travel a lot. I particularly like the golden blush brush - it delivers such a natural flush on the cheeks! It's best with your ultra-pigmented blushes to sort of diffuse the color.

Here's one of the best drugstore products I've come across in a while: the Bifesta Sebum Cleansing Lotion. It cleans and tones so well (you can actually use it in lieu of a facial wash) and all while being so cheap at P419 a bottle. I also wrote about it having other handy uses like removing makeup from clothes and dirty cases. ;) 

I have a weakness for floral scents; they just feel right whenever I wear them. When it comes to fragrances that's all you really need to know, I think! Anyway my perfume of the moment would have to be DKNY Fresh Blossom Intense. It's a heady combination of lily of the valley, rose, and apple scents. It's a little heavier than the usual DKNY Be Delicious fragrances, but I do love how more mature it smells. 

After about two months of using the Philips Satinelle epilator I realized that waxing is still the best way to clear off body hair. Why? Because it prevents ingrown and still has the smoothest, most even finish. The catch is that I very rarely have time to go to a waxing salon - even if it's free! - so I still turn to this gadget to quickly remove the hair. It's convenient. It's all I need it to be.

And that's it! Any new finds last month? Share please!