Quick tip: Another use for your makeup remover

Micellar water makeup removers (whew) are genius. They're great for removing makeup anywhere - and I don't mean just the face or body! They can take off makeup stains on your clothes (at least lighten them anyway), tables, floors, and most surfaces for that matter. And since they're just basically water, they barely leave any residue and don't need rinsing.

One time I accidentally spilled black eyeliner on my leg and floor - the ink flowed through the pen and when I opened it, out it sprayed. :/ I used some Bioderma on tissue to clean up the mess! I also like to use water-based makeup removers to clean rubber-textured makeup packaging. As you know, rubber is a dust and smudge magnet, and cannot be easily cleaned with just alcohol or soap. 

An example is this tube of Fairydrops BB cream. You won't see it in the picture since I post-processed it already, but the white surface was chock full of foundation smudges. I simply wiped the gunk off with a cotton pad soaked with Bifesta. :)

1-2-3 done

Good as new!

Here's another example: NARS cases! If you own anything NARS then you KNOW how that black rubber goes to hell once you start touching it. Again I wiped it with Bifesta and everything just came off like magic.

Neat eh? Thought you'd like to know. ;) Any new tips you'd like to share?