Bioderma Crealine H20 Micellar Solution

If you watch Lisa Eldridge on YouTube then you've probably seen her rave about the Bioderma Crealine H20 Micellar Solution (recently renamed to Sensibio) a few times. It's a French makeup remover that has no scent, no sting, and feels just like water on skin. Micellar waters like this are all the rage these days (a favorite by models and makeup artists) because they leave no wet or greasy mess after it is wiped off.

Come again?

What's a micellar water anyway? Basically, a micelle is a cluster of surfactant molecules suspended in a liquid solution. These molecules absorb dirt and oil thus cleaning the skin without having to lather or emulsify. Cool eh? I found Bioderma very mild, however, it has a bitter taste - something you'll notice when you use it to remove lipstick.


It surprisingly removes makeup so well! It can be used on your whole face, but I use it mainly to wipe off eye and lip makeup. It's particularly useful when I have lots of dark eyeshadow and liner on since it doesn't smear the makeup around, unlike my emulsifying oil remover.

The Bioderma solution can take off most mascaras with minimal rubbing. HOWEVER, I find that it doesn't budge extremely stubborn waterproof mascaras. :/ I use an oilier makeup remover for that sort of hardcore makeup! Well, at least I don't wear it all the time.

Tips on how to use

Apply a generous amount on a cotton pad, leave it to soak on one eye for 30 seconds to a minute. The longer, the better. You need to give this stuff some time to break down the makeup.

For really heavy makeup / tough mascara, massage the lashes with your index finger to loosen up the product. Then, wiggle the cotton pad away gently and you're done! Yes, it's not for the impatient girl. But at least you don't rub so much!

Thick eyeliner + mascara - gone in a couple of wipes



I highly recommend the Bioderma Crealine H20 Micellar Solution to anyone who's looking for a mild makeup remover without the oiliness and greasiness of normal removers. I never got a pimple from using this so I feel confident recommending it to girls with sensitive skin.

It's great if you don't like smearing your super pigmented makeup around your face - not just eye and lip makeup, also long-wearing foundations/concealers. However, you need to be patient as you really need it to soak for a bit.

Note that this is not effective against heavy duty waterproof mascaras. Also, while the bottle has 500ml of product, you will find that you'll go through it quickly because you need to use a generous amount of the water each time. Well quicker than you'd think anyway! I've had my 100ml sample bottle for almost two months and it's only now I'm running out.


I love it! :) I still prefer using my Shu Uemura oil cleanser for my face makeup, of course. I use Bioderma first to remove colored makeup then follow through with the emulsifer for a super clean face.

Now, this Bioderma water It's rarely available outside of France, but thank goodness Digital Traincase stocks it. Sol mentioned that it's difficult to get regular stocks but she's definitely working on it. In the meantime, grab one from her online store while it's still available. It's only P1,290, a fair price considering the shipping from France + amount of product you get.

Have you tried micellar water before? What type of makeup remover do you prefer?